I Don't Dance

Clair Winters is Mr. Malik's new secretary. 20 years old and just looking to get ahead in life.
Zayn Malik is Clair Winters new boss. 26 years old and the co-owner of Malik industries.
Clair was told to stay away from him and only do what she needs to for work but what happens if she becomes more involved in his life than she originally planned?


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I don't dance, but here I am
Spinning you around and around in circles
It ain't my style, but I don't care
I'd do anything with you anywhere
Yes, you got me in the palm of your hand
Cause I don't dance

That was the last song of my senior prom. I Don't Dance by Lee Brice and I had nobody to dance with. I got to sit and watch as everybody else was up having a slow dance with their date. I hadn't moved from this seat all night and I was beginning to regret coming in the first place. 

I watched as Samantha Hills and Brandon Fletcher, the prom king and prom king, danced in the middle of the floor under the disco ball. They were the schools 'perfect couple' but to me, they were nothing more than a school fling. After graduation, they would break up and forget that they ever even dated.

That was two years ago but I never forgot about it. I remember everything about my senior year. The bullies, the football games I never went to, the few friends I had- everything. The one person who was my friend back then is still my friend today. I wouldn't trade Louis for anything. He was a senior when I was a freshman. Even though he graduated and I was still in school, we remained best friends. He is supposed to come over to my flat today before I leave for my first day at work. 


I grabbed my black, white, and gold patterned skirt with my white dress top and orange blazer out of my closet then walked into my bedroom, striped my clothes I was wearing, and slipped on through clothes I chose for my first day of work. Just as I pulled on my blazer, Louis crazy waltzing in.

"Well look how hot you look," he winked.

I rolled my eyes and smiled at him, "shut up, Louis."

"What? No hi? Hello? Something!" He pouted.

I couldn't help but laugh at him, "hi, Louis."

"Much better. Now, is thug what you are wearing first your first day at work?"

"Yes, why?" I asked looking down at my attire, "is there something wrong with it?"

"Yes, you need shoes."

"Seriously? I could kill you right now."

He walked into my closet, laughing, then came out a minute later holding a pair of black heels, "here- these will look nice."


"Umm, yeah? Is that a problem?"

"You know I don't like wearing heels..."

"Just put them on!"

"Why and I even friends with you?" I mumbled snatching the shoes from him.

I sat on the decorative bench at the end of my bed and slipped on the shoes unwillingly. I noticed my legs were in desperate need of lotion. If I was gonna be wearing a skirt and heels today, the least I could do I put on some lotion so I don't look so dry.

"Louis, hand me my vanilla making lotion that's on my nightstand." I insisted.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed it before tossing it to me then coming and sitting next to me. His next action didn't surprise me at all. He grabbed the bottle from my hands, put lotion in his hands, handed me back the lotion, then began to rub the lotion on my leg closest to him. If any other guy tried this then I would question it but this was Louis. He does shit like this all the time even with his girlfriend is around.

Deciding that I could hurry up the process, I started putting lotion on my other leg. When I was done with that, I rubbed the lotion on my arms before jumping up and walking to the bathroom.

"Don't tell me you are gonna plaster your face with makeup?" He sighed.

"When do I ever 'plaster my face with makeup', Louis?" I asked annoying at his comment.

"When you want to impress someone."

"Negative," I said as I applied a small line of eye liner then a small coating of mascara. "See? All done."

He rolled his eyes, again, before replying, "you really don't need any but whatever. What time do you start?"

"10, why?"

"It's 9:36."

I looked at the clock next to my bed and saw that he wasn't just messing with me, "shit!" I exclaimed running out of the bathroom, grabbing my purse, phone and keys and Louis before running out if my flat locking the door behind me.

I ran down the hall and ran, as best I could, down the stairs with Louis following behind me. When we were outside I said good bye to him, kissed him on the cheek, then ran to my car.

To say I was on time would be a lie. With traffic and idiot drivers who can't drive in rain, I was 15 minutes late. I came running into the building soaking wet and cold. I ran over to the elevators and pushed the up button repeatedly until the doors opened.

When the elevator opened up to the 19th floor, I rushed off and turned the corner without looking. Bad idea though because I toppled over right onto someone on a nice looking suit making him fall back and drop everything he was holding; including his coffee that spilled all over his white shirt under his tux.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry- I'm such a clutz," I mumbled getting off of the man and trying to help him collect his things.

"Stop," he demanded as he stood up.

I looked up at him, while I was still crouched on the ground, and saw that he looked serious. His face was beautiful and breath taking- what the hell? Stop it, Clair! You just ran into this manager and spill his coffee all over him! I reminded myself as I cautiously stood up and faced him.

"Who are you?" He asked in a monotone voice.


"Clair Winters? As in the Clair who is supposed to be my new secretary?"

"Umm, yes sir?"

"You don't sound too sure."

"Are you Mr. Malik?"

"Yes, why the hell are you late?"

"I- I'm so sorry- I was trying time get ready and lost track if time-"

"Enough of the excuses. Go to my office and begin the work you were prepared for. If you are late one more time, you are fired. Got it?"

"Yes sir," I croaked.

"Go!" He boomed.

I turned towards my work area, which happened to be that man's office, and rushed inside. I walked over the the second desk that was blocked off in a small room in his giant office and closed the door behind me.

I didn't know what all he wanted me to get done so I went onto the computer and saw the word document opened.

You were not here at the time you were told to be here so I had no choice but to write out your instructions for today. It is your first day and you are late, you don't look very promising as my new secretary but until I can fine a new one, you will do.
Since you already know how to work everything because of the classes you took before your first day I will just give you a list of things to do till I get back at noon.
1. Call the list of people I have laid out for you in the folder to your left and reschedule the meetings I have with them.
2. Set up your employee email on our website so that I can keep in contact with you when needed.
3. Sort through the pile of papers on your right for me.
This should take you an hour and a half at most and by that time I should be back. I expect it to all be done in a timely manner. If it is not done correctly then you will do it again.

I glanced at the items to my left and right and sighed. I had till noon to get all this work done and if it wasn't done, I don't even wanna know what kind if trouble I will be in.

When noon rolled around, Mr. Malik walked in, as promised, and I had just finished my work he gave me. He opened the door to the small room where I was and looked at me with a stern face. From the looks of him, he was tired. He had a heavy stubble on his face that could be considered a short beard with light purple bags under his eyes and his hair didn't look like it had much work put into it. It looked as if he had just raked hair gel through yet he still looked stunning.

"Did you finish the work you were assigned?" He questioned getting my attention.

I snapped out of my thoughts and refrained from absentmindedly staring at him and looked him in a more serious way, "yes, I just finished it actually."

"Good, I need you to go grab lunch."

"Okay, when do you want me back?"

"When do I want you back? No, you are going and grabbing my lunch from the coffee shop across the street. If you want lunch, you need to get it while you are there and bring it back. You eat your lunch in here while working."


"When you get there just tell them that you are my secretary and are there to pick up my lunch."

"Yes sir."

"Go." He demanded as he walked out of the room and into his main office.

I let out a small sigh as I stood up, grabbing my purse, and exiting the room and office. I walked quickly to the elevators then waited patiently as it went down to the bottom floor, stopping occasionally to pick up another person. Once I was on the main floor, I walked to the exit of the building, exited, crossed the street and entered the coffee shop I was instructed to go to.

"I can help you," the girl behind the counter chirped.

"Uhh, I'm Mr. Malik's secretary," I stated hesitantly.

"Oh, you are his new secretary?" She asked as she turned and grabbed a nag that was on the counter behind her.

"It's my first day actually."

"Will you be back later?"

"What do you mean?"

"Sometimes Mr. Malik likes to send his secretary's to get him coffee or something an hour or two after his lunch just so he can have an excuse to get rid of them."

"How do you know he doesn't just want coffee?"

"Trust me, I worked for him for four days before I called it quits and just came back here," she laughed.

"Oh, well, if I don't come back for him then I can drop by after work with my best friend and grab some coffee before we go back to my flat."

"Is she meeting you at work then you two going back to your place?"

"No, I was gonna have him wait for me out front but I'll just text him and tell him to meet me here," I smiled. "See you later?"

"Sure! And good luck. That man may be heaven itself walking on two legs but he the biggest jerk I've met."

"I'll keep that in mind," I said turning and walking back towards work.

 I texted Louis the new plans for after I got off work once I was on the elevator and put my phone back in my purse when he texted back and said okay. When I was back up in the office, Mr. Malik was sitting behind his desk just waiting.

"Took you long enough," he mumbled.

"Sorry," I said quickly.

"Put my food down and go finish the work I just left for you to complete. It should take you until around the time you are leaving."

I nodded my head and put his food down then turned and shuffled to the seperate room and got to work. The work he left for me to do was a lot more than the first set he left me to do.

I was doing all of the work while he sat at his desk talking on the phone. I could tell it wasn't business calls either because the conversations he was having were sexual and inappropriate for work. Talking about what he is gonna do to the person on the other end of the phone and how he couldn't wait for tonight.

By the time the end of the day came, I was ready to just go home and go to bed. When I was allowed to leave, I gathered up my stuff and got out of the building as fast as I could. I was practically running out the front door and i ended up running into guy in a tux that had just hung up his phone. The guy didn't fall and neither did I but I almost did. Thankfully the guy caught me before I took a face dive into the sidewalk.

"Thank you," I breathed as I straightened myself out.

"No problem," he smiled. "I'm Liam."

He held his hand out for me to shake and I smiled at him before shaking his hand in return, "I'm Clair."

"Nice to meet you, Clair. You in a hurry to be somewhere?"

"Yeah, I just got off work and wanted to get out of there as fast as possible."

He looked behind me at the building I ran out of and shook his head and let out a low chuckle, "I can understand why you would want to. This is an awful place to work. It's actually one of my competitors."


"Sorry, you probably have places to be- here, have my card." He pulled out a business card and handed it to me, "you can call or text my cell that's on there if you ever wanna have a drink or something-"

"Are you trying to hit on me?" I asked giving him a small smile before looking at the card.

"What man wouldn't try to hit on a beautiful girl like you?"

"I will take up you offer Mr. Payne," I said looking up at him, "I really must be going but I will think about your offer." I turned on my heels and began to walk across the street to the coffee shop.

"See you around, Clair." He yelled.

I laughed at his straight forwardness and walked into the shop where I was immediately greeted by Louis.

"Clair!" He shouted.

"Hi, Louis," I said sitting down.

He pushed forward a cup of coffee and gave me one of his award winning smiles.

"Pumpkin Spice?"

"Now what kind of best friend would I be if I didn't even remember your favorite coffee?" He exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes at him and took a sip from the cup.

"So, tell me about your first day."

"Don't even get me started. First I was late, then I accidentally ran into my boss- not knowing he was my boss- making him fall below me and spill his coffee all over himself, then I was bombed with a shit ton of work to do, had to come here and get Mr. Malik his lunch, then I got back and had so much more work to do and couldn't leave till it was all done." 

"Wait- Mr. Malik? As in Zayn Malik?"

"Umm, I guess?"

"Is he tall with black hair and a tanish skin tone?"

"Yeah, why?"

"No way, I went to school with him."

"What does that have to do with my work?"

"He is your boss."


"Just be careful. He is no good. Uses girls like they are going out of style and is dangerous. Just take it from me when I tell you he is no good."

"Louis, he is my boss, I'm not interested in him. He is good looking, yes, but he is my boss. Nothing more."

"Okay, okay. Anyways, did anything good happen today?"

"Well, I just ran into a really good looking guy named Liam and he gave me his business card and told me to call if I ever wanted to go out for drinks?"

"You sure do run into people a lot," he chuckled.

"Is that the only thing you caught from that sentence?"

"No, sorry, are you gonna take him up on his offer?"

"I'm not sure yet."

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