Why me?

Why me ?


5. The 2nd Day

Vanessa's POV

I was walking to school , and it started to rain just my luck. Suddenly a car had pulled up to me and it was Calum . "What do you want ?" I said.

"To give you a ride , what does it look like". Calum said.

"Are you going to get in ?"Calum said .

"Fine , only because it's raining "

"Oh yeah, I have to go pick up Luke "Calum said .

"Omg , really!"I said sarcastic .

We had pulled up to Luke's house ,and may I say it was pretty big. Calum had honked his horn and Luke came rushing out .when he saw me he had rolled his eyes at me .

" Do you want to keep those eyes "I said .

"Of course I do , then I won't be able to check out girls if I don't "Luke's said jokingly .

"You disgust me " I said .

When we had pulled up to the school ,the bell had rung .

"Thanks for the ride Calum " I said .

He had just walked off.

I hurried of to my class , when I got inside I noticed there was only one seat left by Luke , great ....

I had totally blocked out what the teacher was saying and was on my phone messaging Callie , one of my many friends.Then the bell rang , off to my next class , p.e. Thank god I had Callie in that class. Today we were playing doge ball, I love to play doge ball, I had noticed that Ashton was In this class and on the other team . He had a smirk on his face . The teacher had blown her whistle , I ran to get a ball and when I did I threw it Ashton's way , I had missed . "I'm gonna get you!" He yelled across the gym.

"Hit me with your best shot !"I yelled back with a smirk on my face .( I quoted that from some song, can't remember it though )

He had thrown the ball at me and it hit me right in the face making my nose bleed.

"Great , my nose is bleeding"I said .

"Some one take her to the nurse " the coach said .

"I will " Ashton yelled .

Thank god class was over . Next was lunch. Luke was walking up to me and pushed me up against the locker .

"What the hell !" I yelled.

"What you don't like me being this close to you"He said with a smirk on his face.

"Get off me " I said

What a jerk . I thought

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