Alexis Hood is Calum Hood's twin sister with a twist. She's a badass singer that doesn't take shit from any skank ass hoe bitches. Alex and Calum haven't seen each other in 2 years do to a huge fight they had on a talk show with Alex and her band called 'Don't Fucken Giva Shit!' what happens when she runs into her Old best friend Michael Clifford and the rest of the band at the airport


1. Chapter 1

Alex POV

"GET YOUR ASS UP ALEX" I heard someone scream at me I groaned " whatt" I whined covering my eyes with my black pillow " we have to be at the airport in 4 hours and you still need to pack and get ready bitch or were going to miss our flight to start the Our tour stupid ass" Beca yelled " Finee mum" I muttered she left me to get ready.

I reluctantly got up from my comfy black King sized bed. I walked to my bathroom and stripped down. I stepped in my shower and and washed my self and all of that shit. I got out and wrapped a black fluffy towel around my tan body. I walked out of my bathroom to my wardrobe I picked out a tight black crop top that showed off my belly button piercing, black high waisted booty shorts, Red flannel shirt, and my black 5 inch combat boots. I put that on and walked back into my bathroom.

Now for my hair. My hair was bright red and went a little past my waist. I put my hair in a high ponytail. I never wore makeup but it looks like I do. My eyes were a light grey. I had full dark eyelashes and my eyes naturally looked like used eyeliner to make wings but I don't. My lips were naturally red kinda like Taylor Swifts signature red lips, But I mostly put on black lipstick.

I heard someone knock on my door "I'll be out in a sec"I heard her walk away. I sighed and walked to my wardrobe I pressed a button in the back of my wardrobe that led to my old life before my brother hated me, Before I got famous, before I got more outa control, when my brother and I were close, were I would go when I was upset,The Last Time I Cried when I was 14.

I walked farther into the wardrobe I turned around and pressed a button to close it. I flipped the switch and went to the back near a another door that leads to where I keep my most precious things things only my band and I could see. I got my suit cases and Calum's old grey backpack that said 'I love my twin'

I put all my shit in my suitcases. I opened my door and put Cals backpack on. I screamed fore Josh one of our bodyguards to come and bring my shit to the car. I walked out of my room and out to the car. The rest of the band were already out there waiting for me. "Took u long enough Alex"

I rolled my eyes and got in the front seat while Josh got in the drivers side and the girls got in the back of the black SUV. He drove us to the airport. It was 1 in the morning but there was still thousands of fans screaming our names I smiled and waved at the adoring fans screaming my name. We had to run to make it in side the airport. "Well that was fun" I said sarcastically. Bella giggled and the rest smiled

"Ok ok Alex enough with your bad attitude we had enough of that in the God damn car" Our First bodyguard Dick said "No need to be a dick Dick" I said smirking. The girls all laughed al the insult to his name. He rolled his eyes he to laughing " Let's go girls" He said to all of us. We all nodded and followed him to the airport security. We all passed and walked to the waiting area. I noticed some one with fiery red hair. He looked like Michael, my bestie from before Calum and I had a fight on Ellen.

He walked away and u thought it was just my imagination. I suddenly felt thirsty so I stood up and announced that I was going to get coffee. I walked over to the Starbucks in the airport and ordered my coffee. While I was waiting at a table near the door I noticed the same guy I saw before. This time he turned around and saw me. We both gasped "Alex?"

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