Can't Deny You

"Maybe 'yeah' can be our always?"

"Did you really just pull an Augustus Waters on me?" We both started laughing our heads off because of his cheesiness.

Although I am a crazed fan for 5SOS, this side of Luke I probably would have never known if it wasn't for that Starbucks Coffee delay.

And boy was I glad that happened...


4. Chapter 4

I looked in the mirror to check my outfit. 

Nirvana shirt, black ripped jeans, combat boots, beanie, and hair straightened. 

This was technically a casual outfit for me, but I was wearing the best of each thing I had. I wanted to seem like a normal girl but not complete trash. 

I picked up my phone, to which was playing my 5SOS playlist again to get me in that 5SOS mood, and called Wendy to tell her to get her butt here. 

Before I could even dial her number, the doorbell rang. 

I ran downstairs and opened the door to see Wendy dressed up in a "5 Seconds Of Summer" crop top, short black leather skirt, long see-through gray cardigan, white converses, and dark black hair curled while pulled into a high ponytail. Her outfit was on point and... perfect. Compared to her I looked like total trash.

"Oh My Gosh, Wendy, you little try hard!" I teased her nudging her a little as we got in her car. 

"Hey! At least I dressed up a little for the best concert in the universe! You just dressed like it was any other day! You should take into account that this is also your FIRST CONCERT!" She yelled that last part excitedly while backing out of the driveway, onto the road.

"Oh whatever, I like my outfit. It screams 'IM A LUKE GIRL' while not showing I'm a die hard fan. And yah I am really excited! I mean, how am I even suppose to act at a concert?!?" I get a little anxiety at the tiniest of things.

"Don't worry girl! I'll help you through this." She said, taking my hand in hers and squeezing it over dramatically like she was being Oprah, comforting me and being the know-it-all that she is. 

I used my other hand to pull her hand away from mine and flicked her in the head. I got my phone out, plugged it into her radio, and played my 5SOS playlist again.

The first thing that came on was Just Saying. I was absolutely obsessed with this song, mostly because any new song from 5SOS I love, than I play it over and over again 'til new songs come again and it slowly goes down my "I LOVE THIS SONG" list.

About 3 songs into my playlist, we finally got to the arena. We were 1 hour early so that we didn't have to be wait in line for too long and so that maybe we could see 5SOS. But I wasn't really excited about that since I made it pretty obvious that I didn't even know them and me being at their concert will give away that I apparently did know them.

But I SOOOOO want to see them again though!!!! 

We got through the gates and security guards and we ran off squealing to the arena. 

As I was running towards the arena, my arm was pulled behind me, stopping me right in my tracks. 

I didn't want to turn around because if it's Luke or Michael, than it's gonna be awkward as shit.

I scrunched my eyes and slowly twisted around to see...






I let out a big breath, relieved it was Wendy. Wendy looked at me with a confused expression and shook her head, obviously weirded out why I was so surprised. 

"I just wanted to stop by the hot dog cart before we enter. You don't have to look like I'm gonna kill you or anything." She laughed and I joined in with her. 

"Well you don't have to harshly grab my arm like that." I whined, rubbing my arm like she really hurt it as we walked to the cart.

"Whatever you little cry baby," She said rolling her eyes. She pulled out her wallet and pulled out some money. "What do you want?"

"Just a hot dog." I said while scoping out the area. It was only a few people though, which was surprising because the boys were, in my opinion, so damn awesome!

"Umm two hot dogs and.... OMG Ruby they have ice cream!" I turned around to see Wendy staring at the ice cream. "I'll have the mint chocolate chip ice cream and Rose will have..." She told the cashier.

"I'll have cookies and cream ice cream." I told the cashier as well.


"I'll have that too." Said a familiar Australian voice behind us. 




Me and Wendy slowly turned around to see tall Luke Hemmings standing before us.

I, once again hid all my fangirl emotions and stood there staring at him while Wendy started squealing and jumping up and down. 

"'Sorry, I never really heard of you guys' huh?" He said with a smirk, the rest of the band taking pics with the fans a couple feet away from us.

"Ok, so I told Wendy here," gesturing to Wendy, "about my experience and she said she had some tickets so she invited me so I thought 'Why not?' and so yeah... I'm here to watch you guys. See how good you guys really are." I hoped that he believed me. We grabbed our food and Luke got his ice cream for free. 


"Hi Wendy and Ruby, why don't you guys backstage with us, just to get Ruby to see how 'good' we are." 

Wendy was speechless and just followed Luke backstage.

"You're not gonna rape us right?" I said, breaking the silence.

"No, but I wouldn't mind to..." He said with a little smile. I slapped his arm making all of us laugh. I went back to eating my ice cream and we came to a huge door leading to the "backstage".

I can't believe this was happening.. EEKSSS!

But hopefully he won't make us late to go get our seats and watch.




I seriously can't wait to write the next chapter!!

Anyway, in chapter 2, I think, I changed it so that she said she didn't know them at all, if you were confused on why he said that she said that she didn't know them. 

Lol confusing sorryyyy

Hope you guys are enjoying this though!




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