Can't Deny You

"Maybe 'yeah' can be our always?"

"Did you really just pull an Augustus Waters on me?" We both started laughing our heads off because of his cheesiness.

Although I am a crazed fan for 5SOS, this side of Luke I probably would have never known if it wasn't for that Starbucks Coffee delay.

And boy was I glad that happened...


3. Chapter 3

I ran outside into my car and automatically pulled out my phone to tell Wendy, my best friend, about the unbelievably amazing experience with the one and only Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford. Our texts went along the lines of;



You will never guess what just happened



You don't need to brag about how you have tickets to 5SOS ok!



It's not that! It's something farrrrrr more important.



I just came face to face with Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings...






The one and only.



Ok yup I'm coming over NOW!


I started the car with a huge grin on my face and drove my way home, hoping I would get there before Wendy.


As I was pulling into the lot, I saw Wendy sitting on my porch stairs. Once she spotted me, she eagerly ran towards me. I opened the door and got out and the first thing Wendy did was grab my shoulders, shook me, and said


"Nope." I said back, popping the p. I made my way towards the door and unlocked it.

"OMFG ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE THEY HOTTER IN REAL LIFE???" You can tell she was a huge fan.

"They look the same! I'll tell you inside. Why are you on the porch though?"

"I rang the doorbell but no one answered."

"MOM ARE YOU HERE??" I yelled into the house.

No response


I guess I wasn't gonna get lunch :(

"Oh sorry for making you wait!" I said

"It's ok. No problem! Now TELL ME EVERYTHING!" She said excitedly as we entered the house.

"So..." And I told her everything for a solid hour.


"OMFG OK so your telling me you actually met them AND that Michael Clifford COMPLIMENTED you?!?" She was a huge Michael girl. I was more of a Luke girl.

"Yeah. It's the best right?" I said cockily

"Oh whatever little miss bragger!" She pretending to be angry and turning her head to me.

"Oh and did I mention that I have TWO tickets to the concert tonight.." I got up from the couch and slowly walked away, trying to tease Wendy. She got up from the couch and faced me.

"Are... You.... Being... Serious...?" She said almost breathlessly because of all the news being dropped on her.

"Mmmmhmmmm." She freaked out and started jumping up and down like a little girl, "But did I say I was bringing you?"

"YOU ARE SO MEAN!" She started to run towards the door, while I knew she was kidding and she knows I'm kidding that I wouldn't bring her.

"FINE, I'll bring you." I put a pout on my face and after 5 seconds, we laughed our heads off at my over dramatic play we just put on.

"Ok so I need to get ready so I'm gonna go and call me when we leave ok???" She eagerly said

"Kk bye!!!" She ran out the door and waved "bye" back.



This chapter was more of a filler so sorry if it was boring!

How you guys liking it? YASSS or NAHHH?












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