Can't Deny You

"Maybe 'yeah' can be our always?"

"Did you really just pull an Augustus Waters on me?" We both started laughing our heads off because of his cheesiness.

Although I am a crazed fan for 5SOS, this side of Luke I probably would have never known if it wasn't for that Starbucks Coffee delay.

And boy was I glad that happened...


2. Chapter 2


For the rest of the work day, I just took orders and being bored out of my mind. I had hoped that his day could go by faster although I'm only their for about 5 hours.

But it was the longest 5 hours of my life. It literally felt like a full week in that Starbucks shop. 

Barely anyone even came here because there was this new coffee house two blocks away and everyone said it was better and that surprised me because you have to admit, our PSL's are bomb. 

Anyway, so most of my time was spent putting my headphones on to stop Ken from trying to flirt with me. 

Im gonna be working here for the rest of my Saturdays, here with this asshole. At least its only Saturdays.


In what felt like forever, I finally had permission from Ken to leave for my shift. I looked at the clock and saw it was 12:20. I planned on going out to lunch with my mom, to tell her how awful this job was and convince her to let me quit since my boss is a total pervert.

As I started to walk out, I saw 2 familiar faces starting to walk into the shop. I couldn't exactly tell who they were considering I was walking out as they walked in, but I felt the urge to just go back real quick to see who they were.


I quickly ran to the cash register and waited for them to finally take off their hoodies and show me who they were. I don't know why but my head was telling they were important people. 

They took off their hoods and looked straight at me. 








It was Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings. 


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG WHAT DO I DO??? My brain started to race trying to figure out how to react to this. 

"Hi, ummm can I get a PSL?" Luke said. 

"And I'll have a mocha latte please." Michael said politely. 

I than realized I should use the one thing I learned from all those fan-fics to get them to not be creeped or worse by you.

Pretend you don't know them. 

I used my acting skills to stop myself from fangirling and just said, "Sure, KEN PSL AND MOCHA LATTE."

With no response for a solid 10 seconds I decided to just start a conversation with them while they wait. 

"So what's your guys names?" pretending as if I don't know them what so ever. 

"You don't really need our names when its this empty do you?" Michael said trying to be polite.


"Haha yeah but while you guys wait I thought maybe we could know... since you guys are hot." I started to regret saying that last part but I tried to play it off cool. I turned around and saw Luke blush and Michael giggle, trying to be all manly although we all know he is a literal teenage girl.

"Thanks, you're pretty cute yourself too." Michael said, I hid my face so they don't see how I am hardcore blushing. 


"By the way, Im Luke and he's Michael." I wanted so bad to mention the band. I mean I don't want them to know but just to strike a conversation.

Ken came out of the bathroom and looked at us with a hint of jealous in his eyes. He clearly didn't know who they were.


"I thought you were suppose to-" He started to which I cut him off saying,

"KEN NOW They have been waiting?" I harshly glared at him.

"Whatever" he mumbled to himself and putting his hands up in defeat. He does not know how to be a good boss if he just let me off the hook right there.


"Anyway, you guys seem to have a hard accent? Where you coming from?" I said trying not to seem suspicious.

"Oh were, from Australia, you know... touring and stuff." Luke said with his eyes on the ground. I figured he wanted to mention the band to me as well. 

"Touring?" I said acting confused. Damn Im a good actor if I can pull this off. 

"Yeah we're in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer." Michael said and I could tell he was anticipating for me to fan girl or something. 


"Oh... cool. Never heard that before but... cool." I can't believe I'm actually pulling this off. I wanted this moment for months and now I have it and I can't even fangirl UGH!

"Well... maybe you can come to concert one day or something..." Luke said with disappointment, scratching his neck. 


Ken walked to us, with two cups and said "That will be-"

"Here's ten bucks, keep the change." Michael cut him off.

"Thanks, I guess I'll see you around... umm.." Luke said to me


"Ruby, my names Ruby." I said pointing to my name tag. 


"Right, ok bye Ruby!" Luke said with Michael trailing behind him waving at me as they left.

All I have to say now is







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