Hello Alison

I don't know why. Honestly I thought many times about it. I just can't understand. Why me?!Have I done anything to hurt him?!Do I deserve this?!
I am thinking about all this while I am sitting on the bathroom's floor crying. The reason I am crying: Louis Tomlinson. He is the popular guy. The one who always makes everyone laughs and now I am his new joke. I really shouldn't care at all...but it does hurt me...
A ring from my phone interrupts me. I wipe the tears to read the massage:
"Hello Alison"
Oh no....


4. You are in the group

Ali's pov

Tracy was right. Louis has not make any joke about me so far. Maybe I overact...I should give him a chance after all. We are now going to drama class

"Why are we in drama class anyway?!"Julie asks

"I hate this class too!" Carly says

"We sign up because it was drama club or the coral ...and we can't sing...so..."I say

"Still hating this club" Julie says

"Hello everybody!" Mrs. Jackson says getting into the room "How was your spring break? So because of the changing in the schedule we have some students from the other drama class here"

I look around to see the new classmates and...Louis is there! Is he stalking me?!

"I know we have already make the groups for the final project, but I hope you can include the new classmates in your grups. So let's go to work. The groups can get together and start the rehearsal. The play is in 3 weeks!"

The play. In 3 weeks. This is stressing me. I don't know why but I became the leader of the group .I am the one responsible to lead, direct the rehearsal ,think of the costumes...

My group is...I don't how to describe my group. The group is , Jane, Carly, Ellie, Julie, Mike, others 4 boys...although this 4 boys talk a lot...we are advancing.

I look around again.I spot Louis talking to some guys of my group...oh right they are friends... Maybe we should invite Louis to join our group...I know he likes drama and he is a good actor...after all Billy didn't want to do the principal character...maybe Louis could do it...and inviting him to my group is a way to say things are fine with the two of is that we had forgave each other....

"Ali!" Mike calls "Are you listening to me?!"

"Oh, no. Sorry I was thinking in something" I say

What were you thinking?"

"Maybe we should invite Louis to our group"

"What?!"Mike asks "Are you crazy?"

"What happened?!"Julie asks

"Ali wants to put Louis in our group "Mike says

"What?!Why?!"Julie asks

"Because he is a nice actor...and Billy doesn't want to be the principal character...."I explain

They think a little and we had a group discussion until we decide.

I walk in Louis direction

"Hello Alison" "Hey, do you want to join our group?"

"Let me think..."he says joking

All his friends laughs. I don't

"C'mon Alison , laugh a little..."

"Not funny. So, yes or no?"

"Yes" "Good. So let's start the rehearsal " I say

Louis looks at me and winks.Have I made the right choice?

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