Hello Alison

I don't know why. Honestly I thought many times about it. I just can't understand. Why me?!Have I done anything to hurt him?!Do I deserve this?!
I am thinking about all this while I am sitting on the bathroom's floor crying. The reason I am crying: Louis Tomlinson. He is the popular guy. The one who always makes everyone laughs and now I am his new joke. I really shouldn't care at all...but it does hurt me...
A ring from my phone interrupts me. I wipe the tears to read the massage:
"Hello Alison"
Oh no....


19. Slumber party

Ali's pov
It is Saturday. The week passed quickly. I talked to him by messages a feel times. He made some jokes about me in school too. But my launch was getting better. Sometimes when I was feeling left out, I texted him and he always answered. It was really nice.
Anyway, I’m going to Lottie's house. It is her birthday and she had invited me and other girls to a slumber party.
I am a little anxious for it. Will Louis be there? What a stupid question! Of course he will be there. He lives there. But would he talk to me? Would he make jokes of me? Or would he treat me nicely? Maybe he will just ignore me.
I stop myself. I’m worrying too much about Louis. I’m going to a party, to have fun not be worried.
When I get in Lottie’s house most of the girls were already there. Lisa is there. There are also two girls that I‘ve met before, Marlee and Mary, and others one that I’ve never seen before.
We talked about many, many things. We laughed and had a lot of fun. We played Uno, eat a lot of junk food and in the end we watched a romantic movie.
It was almost 3 am when we decided to sleep. We put the all the mattress on the living room’s floor.
I’m lye on my mattress when I hear someone whisper my name. I turn around to see it was Lottie
“Thanks for coming” she says
“Oh thanks for inviting me”
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Are you close to my brother? Like friends or something like that”
Why she is asking this? Does she know something? Does she know we text each other? Does she know he makes jokes of me in school? Has he said anything to her?
“We study in same school for a long time. We have many class together and now we are in the same drama’s group. Why are you asking?”
“Nothing…I was just curious…When I told him I was giving this slumber party he asked if I was going to invite you. He seemed like he wanted me to invite. I was already going to invite you…but the way he asked me made me curious…but it’s probably nothing…my brother is a little crazy…good night Ali”
“Good night Lottie”
Louis wanted Lottie to invite me to this party? Why? I should be sleeping, but I was too puzzled to fall in sleep….


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