Hello Alison

I don't know why. Honestly I thought many times about it. I just can't understand. Why me?!Have I done anything to hurt him?!Do I deserve this?!
I am thinking about all this while I am sitting on the bathroom's floor crying. The reason I am crying: Louis Tomlinson. He is the popular guy. The one who always makes everyone laughs and now I am his new joke. I really shouldn't care at all...but it does hurt me...
A ring from my phone interrupts me. I wipe the tears to read the massage:
"Hello Alison"
Oh no....


13. Not that bad

~~Ali's pov
It is lauching time and I am not exciting about it. I know I’m going to be ignored and feel excluded again...
I sit at the table and starting eating. But then my phone vibrates. It is a text
"Hello Alison"
"Hello Louis"
"You look bored"
"You can see me?!"
"Yes. Why are  you bored?"
"Because everyone is ignoring me"
"Did you talk to your friend?"
"Not yet. But I will"
"So have try to join the conversation? Maybe you wouldn't fell so bored"
"They talk about stupid and futile"
"Like what?"
"How my nails breaks all the time.Or why black bra is better than the purple one..."
"Bra's colors...this is getting interesting"

I laughed a little
"Don't be so idiot" I texted
"I can see you laughing"
I laugh more and we keep texting each other until the launch time is over.
I don't understand why he act as an idiot with me in the morning, but this was the nicest launch time I had lately...


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