The new guy..

katie just turned 17. A new boy came to her he as bad as she Thinks he is?...


3. Chapter 3

When me and Jen arrived at my house we realised the doors were unlocked... I was suprised because mum usually locks the door.When we came inside we looked around but no one was there , but then suddenly a man dressed in black clothes ran out of the living run and punched me in the stomach then Jen started screaming and he ran away.

We called the police , which then called my mum.I was in pain but i was happy nothing happened to Jen.The police officer asked us a load of questions ...I couldn't wait till they leave .

When they finally left I lay in my bed in pain - my mum called Jen's parents and told them what happened, then they came and picked her up.

The next day I was still in pain so I couldn't go to school, its was friday...shit I forgot I had to meet Alex after school to work on the essay.I got a text.

It says 'You weren't at school today...I thought we were suppose to meet after school...are you alright ?'

Were did he get my number from ...I really didnt expect him to message me.

I replied 'Yeah sorry, when i went home yesterday there was a thief in our house and he attacted me , not a big deal.'

'I didnt expect that it okay if I come over now, so we can start the essay'

'Yeah , when are you gonna be here ? '

'In about 30 min, If thats okay with you '

' Yeah its fine'

'See you then' 

I didnt expect that at all, anyway I have to get dressed before he comes still wearing my pijamas.


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