The new guy..

katie just turned 17. A new boy came to her he as bad as she Thinks he is?...


27. chapter 23

*Katie's POV*

I lost Calum...I lost him.I have to explain everything to him.


"Why the fuck did you do that?" I screamed at Alex

"I told you I don't give up so easy and I hate that fucking moron" he said raising his voice at the end.

"Why do you hate him so much?!"

"I just do and your mine...not his !"

" I told you it's fucking over, you should be looking after Jen, she's going to have your baby you fucking prick!"

" I don't give a shit about the baby!"

"Now I saw your real can you be so cruel?!"

"It's not my fault she slept with me and got pregnant!...she should of not agreed to have sex with me, it shows how good of a friend she is!"

"Can you just leave me alone, I want nothing to do with you!"

"You love me and you know that, I can't promise to stay away from you..." He said coming closer to me.

"Don't come near me, just leave!"

He wouldn't go away so I began running towards Calum's house since it wasn't that far away from mine.

I stopped infront of his door out of breath.I knocked and Calum's mum opened the door.


"Hello, is Calum home?"

"Um yes, he's in his room and you are ?" She said politely,


" I'm his gir- um friend, can I come in ..I really need to talk to him"

"Of Course dear" she smiled as she opened the door wider for me to come in.

"His room is the one with black door upstairs"she said and then walked away to which I assume is the kitchen.


I started walking upstairs and then found his room which was closed.I knocked.


"Leave me alone mum...I don't want to talk to anyone at the moment" he yelled

" Calum it's me, please open the door"

I heard footsteps coming towards the door. The door opened revealing Calum with red eyes and clenched fists.

"What do you want!" He said harshly


"Please let me explain what happened please..." He looked at me with pain in his eyes.

"Why were you leading me on if you wanted to be with Alex?!" He yelled and took a step closer to me which made me stumble back.

"I wasn't leading you on!, when I went downstairs Alex was at the door, I yelled at him but he just pulled me and started kissing me, I was trying to push him of me but he wouldn't let go!...I actually have feeling for you Calum!"


"You still love him..." Was all he said

"No I don't!...please Calum, believe me" I felt tears running down my cheeks.

"Don't cry..." He said and wrapped his arms around me.


"I really do love you Calum..." I whispered into his ear.

" I love you more" He whispered back and I just hugged him tighter.


A/N- Hey guys!..I'm starting a new book and I'll be publishing it soon. It's called 'snapchat <3'.I would be grateful if you checked it out when it's published. Byeee x






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