The new guy..

katie just turned 17. A new boy came to her he as bad as she Thinks he is?...


26. chapter 22

*Katie's POV*

"Alex I told you its over, cant you just stay away from me!" I yelled but only so we could hear.

"And I told it isnt over yet...I know you still like me" He said coming closer to me.I just froze.

"You love me"He whispered in my ear and before I could do anything he crashed his lips onto mine.I tried to push him away but he was too strong.

*Calum's POV*

Im glad Kate gave me a chance, I love her...I did since the time I talked to her at the party, its just something about her I cant explain, she's special..

I decided to go downstairs and see what's taking her so long.I went to the kichen, where I saw her mum.

"Mrs.Sivan, do you know where Kate is?"I asked her 

"Um..she's at the door"She replied with a smile.

I headed towards the front door and what I saw just broke me inside.They were fucking kissing!
Alex and Katie were kissing...I have nothing to do here, she just used me.I started walking towards them.

"I better leave, have fun" I said sarcastically which made them pull away from each other.I walked out the door.

"Calum!...wait!...its not what it looks like!" She yelled and I turned around.

"Save it" After I said that, I just continued walking not listening to whatever she was saying.

How could she do this to me, especially with the jerk that cheated on her..that unfortunately is my step-brother..

A/N- Sowwy for not updating ...and the short chapter. Im going to try updating more often now, hope you like the story guys :)x


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