The new guy..

katie just turned 17. A new boy came to her he as bad as she Thinks he is?...


2. chapter 2

Our first lesson ended and as I went out the door the 'new guy' stopped me.

"Hi, Im Alex ...and you are...? " He said 

"Im Katie, sorry im in a rush" I replied 

And then I headed to my next class which was tech ...the lesson I hated the most, mainly because I had to sit with a guy called Dean , he's so irritating.


At lunch as usual I sat with Jen, Blake, anna and Jason which was quiet awkward because I knew Jason has a crush on me - I found out a few days ago , which made things weird between us as we are bestfriends and I dont really like him the way he likes me ...


When I turned around I saw the new guy ....whats his name again?... Oh yeah Alex , he was sitting with the guys from our football team,(I guess he must have joined the team )...and the bunch of sluts, he made it obvious he was a player as he flirted with everyone of them.

In our next class, the teacher put us into pairs to write an essay ...boring. I was hoping my partner would be Jen or Jason, I heard my name and my partner was Alex ....the 'new guy', he sat next to me but we barely talked, I dont know why but I feel really weird when Im around him.

"When do we start working on the essay ? " He asked 

"Is the weekend alright for you ? " I replied 

"Umm...I was going to go out with friends, what about friday after school" 

"Yeah , thats fine " 

Then the bell rang and I went home with Jen ...I kept thinking about Alex, but why ? 



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