The new guy..

katie just turned 17. A new boy came to her he as bad as she Thinks he is?...


18. chapter 18

*Katies POV*

I did not expect that......

"Dont worry everythings going to be okay" I said as she hugged me tightly.

"Thanks Kate" she replied and we went back to her room.

"You should see the doctor Jen....does your mum know?" I asked 

"No I didnt tell her yet.." 

"So...whos the father?... u never told me u had a boyfriend" 

"I dont really want to talk about it right now"

"Its okay" I said as I hugged her.

*The next day*

"Hey Calum" I smiled and hugged him.

"Hey kate, how are yah?" He asked as we started walking around the mall.

"Fine, just worried about Jen....what bout you?" 

"Im good thanks, so I guess she told you"

"wait, you knew she was pregnant?"

"Yeah...I found out a few days ago"

"Why didnt you tell me?"

"I just thought it would be better if she told you.."

"I just didnt expect that..."

*Few days later*

I was walking to my first class, suddenly when i was about to turn around the corner i heard two people arguing.There voices were very familiar. It sounded like Calum and Jen.

"You have to tell her truth" I heard a male voice say- I assume it was Calum.

"I cant tell her Alex is the father of my baby!" 

"What?!" I yelled as they turned facing me.


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