The new guy..

katie just turned 17. A new boy came to her he as bad as she Thinks he is?...


17. chapter 17

*Katie POV*


I went inside and heard my phone ringing.I answered.

Alex-Hey, Im sorry I had to cancel our date today.

Me- It's fine babe

Alex- So what were u doing?

Me- Umm...I went on rides with Calum, it was fun.

Alex- Whos calum ?

Me- Um..the guy from the party, the one that opened the door for us.


Alex- U mean the one that was trying to flirt with u ? 

Me- He wasn't, plus were friends.

Alex- What?...Ur friends with that guy?!...Ur not allowed to see him again.

Me- Alex u cant stop me from seeing my friends .

Alex- You might aswell fuck him then.

Me- Thats it! 

I ended the call.

He cant control me..what happened to him?

*At school*


I was walking with Jen when then Alex suddely ran up to us.

"Hey" He said as he tried to kiss me but I moved away.

"What do u want?" I asked him 

"Im sorry for what I said"

"I need to go" I said and walked away with Jen

*One week later*

Me and Calum became really good friends.I ignored Alex through the past week although he called me like a 100 times...I was pissed at him, but I missed him.

Suddenly my phone rang.I answered , it was anna.


Anna- Hey, I will pick you up in a bit.No questions.

Me- Umm..okay?

Few minutes later anna was at the door.She took me to a posh looking restaurant.

"Why did u bring me here?" I asked confused 

"Go in" She said looking really excited.

I came in and saw alex with a bunch of red roses waiting at a table.He turned around and gazed at me as he stood up and started walking towards me.

"Im sorry...I really missed you.Forgive me?"

"I missed you too" I whispered in his ear as I hugged him.

*2 days later*

I was at Jen's house.We were doing our science project.Suddenly she ran to the bathroom and i could hear someone throwing up...I realised Jen was acting very weird through the past week

I ran after her.

"Are u alright?!"I asked concerned as I entered the bathroom.

"Im fine...its nothing"she said as I helped her up.

"I know something's wrong Jen.What is it?" 

"Its nothing, just leave it"

"Jen we have been friends since forever ..I can tell somethings wrong"

"Im....p-pregnant" she said as she started crying.


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