The new guy..

katie just turned 17. A new boy came to her he as bad as she Thinks he is?...


15. chapter 15

*Alex's POV*

I turned around and saw Katie talking to some guy...I think its the one that opened the door.I stood up and started walking towards them.

"Is he bothering you?" I asked looking at him 

"No, he just introduced himself" she said

"Did you find Jen?"

"No...lets go home " 

"But you just came" The guy interupted 

"I know...but im just not into parties"

"Lets go" I took katie by hand and we started walking towards the door.

*Katie's POV*

I had to leave the party because if we stayed Alex would do something stupid ...I could see the way he was looking at Calum as if he was trying to warn him.

We arrived at my house.

"Will you go on a date with me, we never actually been on one since we started dating aha " He said 

"Haha of course" He leaned forward and kissed me 

"Goodnight cutie" He winked at me.

*The next day*

I woke up, got dressed and then ckecked my phone.I got a message.

- Can we meet up someday this week...dont worry only as friends aha ;) x

Its Calum....where did he get my number from?!. I replied.

- Um....where did you get my number from?

He replied in an instance.

- Your friend Jen gave it to me...dont be mad at her I was doing her head in until she actually gave me it aha :) x

- I dont think Alex will like the idea of me and u meeting up

- U always do what he says? its only as friends x


-Tomorrow at 5 ? x

- Yeah okay

- See you then ;) x

I hope Alex wont be mad ...anyway its just as friends.


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