The new guy..

katie just turned 17. A new boy came to her he as bad as she Thinks he is?...


11. Chapter 11

Did he just really say that ?.....

"Ur the most beautiful girl I've ever met ...and Im sorry about the thing that happened , she took me by suprise.." before he could say anything else I pulled him into a kiss.

He looked at me in suprise and hugged me.

"I like you too" I whispered into his ear and he hugged me tighter.

When we turned around so were facing the class everyone was staring at us and we both started to giggle.

Lunch- Alex sat with us and we could stop staring and smiling at each other.Omg his eyes are just omg...

"So want me to come over so we can finish the essay?" He said and then winked at me.

"Sure cutie" I leaned towards him and kissed him...which made him blush.

"Awh your blushing" I said and he covered his face.

"No, im not" He said in a childish way which made me smile even more.

"Can I take your hands away from ur face then? " I smiled 

"Nope" the way he said it made me giggle 

"Pleasee" I said moving closer to him.

Suddenly he pulled me onto his lap and we both leaned into a kiss.


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