Behind the Scenes

Niall's POV

After Simon's death everything that seemed to fall together started falling apart until I saw this girl performing at the local pub. But what I thought I knew about her was completely different from what was behind the scenes.


5. Who is Colleen?

Colleen's pov


I'm backstage with my makeup and clothes in ready to go with 45 minutes to spare. I sit on a chair and pull out my biology textbook and glasses & continue my homework. Around 15 minutes later the band and Niall shows up. Niall seems shocked at my textbook... But yet again it isn't strange. "Nice glasses... They're cute" "um thanks" I'm not sure if that was an insult or a compliment.


Nialls pov

I walked backstage with the band and started getting ready when I noticed Colleen on a chair with a textbook. She looked cute with her glasses although I never pictured her as a studying type considering her job and outfit.

At 11 we went on stage and played our set.  Colleen was dancing around while singing god it boggles my mind that someone so confident and sexy on stage could be so shy and nerdy behind the curtains.  It kind of made me realize that maybe I don't want a sexy girl that's just about that... but maybe I want a real girl with drive, passion.  


Colleens POV

Finally the set ends and I run off stage to take off my heels.  The band plus Niall walks backstage with drinks and Niall offers me one. "No thanks I don't drink" "Oh come on don't tell me a sexy girl like you doesn't drink? you work at a club" "Well I don't" I said clearly annoyed.  "Just 1 couldn't hurt"..... that phrase... All the memories started flooding back.  

That's exactly what my dad's friend said to him at the new years party.  Later that night he drove me and my mom back home... but I was the only one that made it home.  I suddenly remember my parents and start tearing up.  I run out of the club through the back doors into a dark alley.  


Nialls POV

I can't believe I made her cry.... shit... come on Niall!! Just then I remembered that Colleen is know in a dark alley near a club full of drunk men.  I run after her and see her crying sitting against the wall of the alley and with her head between her knees.  I ran over to her and noticed she was still crying and shivering.  I placed my jacket over her shoulders and sat next to her.  "I'm so sorry Colleen I didn't mean to upset you" I begin.  She lifted her head to reveal her smudged makeup... but she still looked beautiful.  "No I'm sorry... it isn't your fault... just bad memories thats all" Bad memories? "You can tell me" I offered trying to be as comforting as possible.  "It's just personal stuff" she then notices her makeup and begins to panick "oh gosh my makeup... it must look awful" "You still look beautiful".  I then leaned in and pressed my lips onto hers.  

Colleens POV

Niall leaned in and I knew he was going to kiss me... and I let him.  I'm not sure why... I usually never let people into my life since I've lost all my loved ones.  For me it's easier to be alone then to love one and have to lose them. I pulled away and couldn't help but blush.  "What do you say I drop you off at home" "You have a car?" "Um yeah its just in the parking lot I just got it for my 16th Birthday" "Lucky.. I'm still 18 without a car, I usually take the bus" "Take the bus at this hour?" "Well there aren't any buses after midnight so if I make enough tips then I take a cab if not I usually walk"  

We got into his car and I gave directions to Niall as he reached my tiny flat on the outer part of the city... all I could afford.  "Thanks for the ride" "No problem, anytime" I was just about to get out of the car when he says "Colleen, I could pick you up tomorrow at 10:30 for work." "That's sweet of you but no need to go out of your way but thanks" "No really it's no trouble it would be my pleasure" For the first time in my life when someone offered to help me I say "Sure that'd be great then thanks!"  

Niall's POV

I drove back to my house wondering and thinking about Colleen.  So many things didn't make sense.  Why don't her parents buy her a car or give her money for a cab? Why is she such a sweet girl working at a club?  I started to realize that Colleen is nothing like I'd thought she would be but her true personality makes me like her more.  I want to care for her, protect her and that's usually not how I feel about girls.  But she's different... 

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