Behind the Scenes

Niall's POV

After Simon's death everything that seemed to fall together started falling apart until I saw this girl performing at the local pub. But what I thought I knew about her was completely different from what was behind the scenes.


6. There's a First For Everything

Colleen's POV

It's been a few weeks since Niall has joined the band.  He's been so kind to drive me to and from the club ever since that night.  I've gotten to know him and he's such a funny, laid back guy.  Last week he gave his number and we started texting.  He's the first friend I've had in a while.  

 It's 1:30 am and we just finished our set and ready to go home.  I get into the passenger seat and we start talking on the way home like usual. When Let Her Go comes one the radio and I start humming along.  

"You've got a beautiful voice" Niall comments 

"Haha thanks... but you hear my voice every night" I raise my eyebrow

"Yeah but something you're usually singing club music, theres a certain beauty in your voice when you sing songs with meaningful lyrics" 

I knew what he was talking about and tbh I like singing these kinds of songs.  


We reach the outside of my flat and I'm just about to leave the car when Niall grabs my wrist.  "Colleen I've been meaning to ask you... would you want to go out with me?" 

"Umm.. I..."

"It's ok.. only if you wanted... gosh forget I even mentioned it" he says disappointed

"No I'd love to it's just I've never been on a date so...." 

"There's a first for everything" he says and kisses my forehead "Good night love"

"Good night Niall" 

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