Behind the Scenes

Niall's POV

After Simon's death everything that seemed to fall together started falling apart until I saw this girl performing at the local pub. But what I thought I knew about her was completely different from what was behind the scenes.


3. New Angles

Niall's POV

I woke up hung over on my couch. Thank god my parents were gone for the weekend... they never liked seeing me drunk or hungover.   After taking some Advil I started remembering last night.. memories flowing back so fast it gives me a headache.  I still remember Colleen and that's when I grab the piece of paper from my pocket.  Auditions were last week... with the XFactor days over I needed a job and if that job meant I got to play guitar and work with Colleen.... count me in.  


Later that day me and boys meet at my house and were discussing what were gonna do.  " I think I'm gonna get a job as the guitarist at the club" I look around to see 4 surprised and confused faces.... "What happened to sticking together as a band mate?" "Liam let's face it.... maybe it will happen but for know I think the best thing for us to do it to each start a new beginning... it doesn't mean we can't stick together." I could tell Liam was still against my idea but the rest of the boys started to see it my way.  "Dude maybe Niall's right... we're all so young... we'll always be close and One Direction will never die...I just think maybe we should use this time to find out who we are." Harry said.   "I think it's great Niall's getting a job at the club... who knows maybe someone will be interested in him and then he can open doors for One Direction." Zayn adds "Just think of this as a detour from the direction of One Direction!" Louis laughs and then Liam finally comes around.  "Okay... go get that job Niall!" "Better yet... get the girl!" Harry shouts and all of us laugh.  

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