Behind the Scenes

Niall's POV

After Simon's death everything that seemed to fall together started falling apart until I saw this girl performing at the local pub. But what I thought I knew about her was completely different from what was behind the scenes.


2. Colleen Swinhowe

Colleen's POV

As I finish reviewing my chemistry material for tomorrow's final I start getting ready for work.  My "uniform" includes black short shorts with fish net stockings, 5 inch heels with a matching black lace bra.  Yes I work as an entertainer in the local club and being "sexy" is part of the job.  I put on my makeup and curl my long brown hair. Truth is I never wanted to work at a club but since my parents died 2 years ago leaving me with no money, or family.... I've been on my own since I was 16.  Back when I did live with my parents I already knew they had no money to send me to college to I started to play at the local cafe with my acoustic guitar... It was like living a dream.  I could play my own songs... songs with lyrics that mattered to me. But the cafe just couldn't pay me enough to save for college and support myself so I started singing at the club.

I take the bus to the club and enter through the back door ready for my set. Every night was the same.. go on stage dance and sing... I always made tons on tips from guys throwing money at me. It's not the way I want to make money.... but it's the way I have to.  

At around 11pm I'm just starting my set that goes around 1:30.  I got on stage in a provoking pose as I wait for the curtains to open.  When the curtain opens I start strutting down the stage and my eyes met blue eyes of a blonde boy.  He looked hot so I gave him a wink and continued.  It was weird usually I was never attracted to  guys I saw at clubs because I wasn't into guys that only liked girls in skimpy clothes but he was different.  


Niall's POV

I stepped into the local club.. the music was loud and the smell of alcohol was surprisingly pleasing.  My eyes quickly met the eyes of the entertainer... god she was perfect.  Sexy from head to toe... just the way I like em.  I noticed she gave me a wink and that's when I knew I needed to meet her.  I walked over to the bar and ordered myself a drink and asked the bar tender... " who's the entertainment tonight?" I kinda had to shout at him over the loud music.  He chuckled at himself and said " That's Colleen Swinhowe, she's quite popular around here" "I can see why" I then took the drink, paid for it and started dancing.  The whole night my focus was on Colleen.... I had to see her.  Half drunk, I walked to the back stage entrance and asked the guard " I need to see Colleen" my words were slurred and he responded "No can do sir... if you want to meet Colleen you can audition for the guitarist for her set next week." He said handing me a flyer.  Disappointed, I shoved the paper in my pocket and caught a cab home.  

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