Behind the Scenes

Niall's POV

After Simon's death everything that seemed to fall together started falling apart until I saw this girl performing at the local pub. But what I thought I knew about her was completely different from what was behind the scenes.


4. Auditions

Colleen's POV

I've been at auditions playing with the potential guitar players that might replace Andrew who's leaving to college... lucky him.  It's been such a stressful morning because most of these guys can't even play the guitar... they just signed up for an audition to see me.... well that's what the manager of the club tells me when I ask him why all these talentless guys show up.  After hours of auditions... finally the last one.  It's the blue eyed boy I winked at weeks ago... trust me I see tons of guys but I remember those eyes.  

He walks in with his guitar and starts setting up and I find myself getting nervous.  Truth is I'm super nervous and shy around guys... it just doesn't appear that way when I'm on stage... but that confidence is part of the job not me.  

Just when we're about to start playing he comes over and says "Hey babe I'm Niall... nice to meet ya" winking at me... oh gosh he remembers my wink... my cheeks get pink and I'm lost for words... "erm... I'm.... Colleen" I stutter... god get it together Colleen.  

"I know who you are" he says seductively.... never mind he's just another perv.  

We start playing and as much as I'm not a fond of him he's actually decent. Next thing you know the manager hires him on the spot and I literally face palm myself.  Great a perv on my set.  

Niall's POV

When I walked in I saw Colleen and gosh she's sexier in person... if that's possible.  Although when I started talking to her she didn't have as much confidence as she did on stage... it was kinda odd.  She was stuttering like she wasn't used to talking to guys.  Anyways I started playing the song and soon after that I was hired on the spot.  

"I'm Miranda, the manager of the club... you were fantastic.... you start Saturday night at 11 and play with Colleen and the band until 1:30.  You will be paid 70 pounds an hour and I'll have my assistant send you the rest of the music to your email... know it by Saturday." she rambles while shaking my hand.  "Thank you, I'll be here Saturday at 11".  

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