Lost at Sea

11 year old Alexandra Roberts loves both of her parents very much. So when they get a divorce, she is terribly heartbroken. Her dad has Alexandra live with him, and her mom gets on a boat and sails to another country to start a new life. But then the boat goes missing, and Alexandra decides to run away, set sail on her own journey, and find her mother. Why did her mom leave her anyway? Will Alexandra find the one who has lovingly cared for her since she was born? Or will she get caught sneeking onto a boat alone and never reunite with her mom?


1. The Divorce

   I don't know why my parents don't love each other any more. 

   Maybe it is because they fight every single night.

   Maybe it is because of the fact that we are about to lose all of our money because of my dad's gambling problem.

   Whatever the reason is, they dislike each other so much that they are getting a divorce.

   The worst part is, now they are fighting over something else.  Something that they both love (I think) and they just won't agree on who gets it.  And can you guess what the "it" is?  Me.  Now that my mom and dad have filed for a divorce, they have to make a decision that is probably the most hard of all.  But even though them both wanting me shows how much they love me, I still feel sort of like a trophy.  From what I can guess by listening to my parents' shouts every night, my dad is mostly (just mostly) saying he wants me so he can beat my mom in an argument.  That's just how he is.  I don't really know what my mom thinks.  I at least think she really sincerely loves me.  But who knows, anyway?

   Every evening my mom goes out and just walks around the city.  She loves the ocean, and you can usually find her by the docks looking at the boats that rest there during the night.  She is usually gone for two hours.  My sister and I are alone in the house from about 7:00 to 9:00.  That is because my dad isn't there to watch us, either.  He almost never is.  In most of his free time, he is out gambling.  That drives my mother insane and you can always hear her muttering to herself about how we will be out on the streets if he doesn't stop.  When my parents fight, I feel abandoned.  They are just wasting their time yelling when they could be reading the Bible with me at night.  Why does it have to be that way?




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