Happily ever after

Hanna is 13 years old everyone reckons she looks 17 years old. She loves 5 seconds of summer. Hanna lives in their hometown called the hawkesbury. When 5sos come back for a break near Christmas. She bumps into them at wet n wild. 5sos become friends with Hanna maybe even more.


5. dirty minded

We all decided to have lunch. We walked to take our sits and the only tables that weren't being used were a four seater and a two seater. Ashton, Calum, Danielle and micheal went and sat at the four seater. Leaving me and luke at the two seater.

Luke and I sat down and I ate. While I was eating I realised I was in a bikini in front of luke hemmings and became very self conscious.

I kept pulling my bikni up which made my boobs look bigger. Like seriously.

Luke was looking at me, well not me my boobs. Which made me blush.

" hey luke if your gonna stare my eyes are up here " I said sassily. Making him blush.

I giggled.

" it's not my fault. Oh god Hanna your so beautiful stop giving me a boner " he gave me a evil smirk.

I just cracked up laughing.

" how come you laugh when I say that to over girls they blush. That what I hoping to do to you. " he said.

I slowed down my laughing.

" well for your information I'm very dirty minded. Like more then you think " I said cracking up again.

Luke started laughing to.

" how's your food " luke asked.

" great! " I said back.

We finished eating and joined the others. We went on lots of other rides and luke wouldn't stop flirting with me the entire time.

* skip to end of day before they leave •

We all stood out the front of the wet n wild.

" well I had lots of fun today we should do it again some time " micheal said.

" yep " I said popping the p.

" we should get each other's phone numbers " luke says.

We all swap phones adding each other's phone numbers in. I looked at what they added the name as.

Michael= super fun extra cool Michael

Ashton= Ashton the best

Calum= Calum is better then Ashton

Luke= luke the sex god

I laughed at all the childish names. I checked the time. Danielle and I has missed out trains. Shit.

" fuck Danielle we have missed our trains. " I said to Danielle.

" oh fuck " was all she said.

" it's okay we can take you back home " says Calum.

" Danielle you go with Michael Calum and Ashton. Hanna you can come with me " luke says giving me a very evil smirk showing of his dimples.

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