Happily ever after

Hanna is 13 years old everyone reckons she looks 17 years old. She loves 5 seconds of summer. Hanna lives in their hometown called the hawkesbury. When 5sos come back for a break near Christmas. She bumps into them at wet n wild. 5sos become friends with Hanna maybe even more.


2. Danielle

Hi I'm Hanna I'm 13 years old but I look like I'm seventeen because of my big boobs, well that's what the boys say anyway. I am the skinniest girl in the world. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am tall for my age I guess.

I LOVE 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER LIKE REALLY LOVE THEM. I have all of their songs and I have 8 posters of them in my room. I live in their hometown and there here at the moment. Luke hemmings is my faviourte he is so hot like really really hot when I first saw a picture of him I fell of my chair because he is so hot.

Tomorrow I'm am going to wet n wild with my best friend Danielle. She is so pretty and she looks exactly like me so we are know as the 17 year old twins cause we both look the same and both look 17. But we are not sisters.

I called Danielle.

" hey Danielle " I said once she answered.

" ready for tomorrow " she asked me.

" yep sure am what time are you coming around the train we are catching comes at 9:35am " I told Danielle.

" I will around 9ish " she said.

" ok cya ily " I said.

" bye ily " she told me back. By the way we are not lesbehonset. We just say it because we are best friends.

Hey guys here his the first chapter I hope you like it. Please like, comment and fav it. Than you all.

From so_i_am_mrs_hemmings Xoxoxoxoxo

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