Happily ever after

Hanna is 13 years old everyone reckons she looks 17 years old. She loves 5 seconds of summer. Hanna lives in their hometown called the hawkesbury. When 5sos come back for a break near Christmas. She bumps into them at wet n wild. 5sos become friends with Hanna maybe even more.


8. cum

Everyone went there separate ways and I was walking with Luke to the car. When we were walking I got a bit faster and Luke ended up behind me.

I was walking towards his car when he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He hugged me.

"Wanna make out in the back of my car" he whispered in my ear.

A big grin speared across my face and nodded. When we got closer to the car, it hit me suddenly that I haven't had my first kiss and I was nervous.

When we got to his car, I got into the back seat first, Luke followed quickly after. I tired to look that I knew what I was doing when I had no experience what so ever. I sat on Luke's lap.

Once he caught on he smiled and then started sucking my neck causing me to moan. He kissed all along my neck up to my jaw then to my lips.

I now know what people meant by you feel like your melting when your kissing Someone because I felt that right now. I could feel is cold lip ring against my lips.

Luke's licked the bottom of my lip ask for entrance, I gladly excepted. We kissed for a good 5 minutes before I started feeling it's hard on.

I started to grind on him causing him to moan against my lips. I continued to grind on him until I felt a liquid on his pants which I was guessing was cum.

He stopped kissing me.

" well this is embarrassing I cumed " Luke said.

I start cracking up.

Sorry this is a short chapter but I started again. Yay

From dani xxxx

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