Happily ever after

Hanna is 13 years old everyone reckons she looks 17 years old. She loves 5 seconds of summer. Hanna lives in their hometown called the hawkesbury. When 5sos come back for a break near Christmas. She bumps into them at wet n wild. 5sos become friends with Hanna maybe even more.


6. authors note

Hey guys sorry your are probably gonna be pissed because you think this is a chapter. I'm on my way to making one in the next day or two. So I'm bored so if any of you want to kik me and ask me a question or just talk about 5sos I'm always on kik so just kik me. MY USERNAME-so_i_am_mrs_hemmings. Like kik me now if you want.

From so_i_am_mrs_hemmings xxx

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