my love of my life

Harry and Jordan are the cutest couple they been together since birth. Everyone known that someday they go out but they dint know they would get married and start a family.They have there bestfriend Liam ,nail ,Louis,zyan and there girlfriends to help through this. But something big happens dose Jordan stay or dose harry leave her.dose one leave at the wrong time. Dose someone tell there true feelings.


2. the baby

It has been nine months me and Harry. The baby is supposed to come today. Also they have to perform today. It is Harry birthday tomorrow. I have something stupider for him. My birthday was last month. Flash back Me and Harry were running around like kids waiting for the gang to come out of the room. I kept running until I hit my head. That when Harry said should have stopped when I stopped. I laugh but it hurt. I gave Harry the puppy dog eyes so he could carry me. We all went to dinner. And had a great time. Then everyone but me and Harry were not drinking. End of flash back Harry kissed me and said we have to go to the concert now. We got in the car with everyone. They reshared while we sat down. I talked with el I told her I was excited about having the baby. I said I hope they come today. Did I tell you I was having twins I guess not. The boys came down and told us to come with them they went to there dressing rooms they got ready I sat down and watch Harry get ready.Then they called them to go on stage I walked out and stood by el we watched them trough the tv. I told el I fell like running a marathon . She just laughed. I felt water drip. I started panicking el was in the restroom and Harry was on stage. I walked over to Simon to tell him to call ambulance for me. I screamed Its time everyone tried to calm me down. But it did not help me at all I wanted Harry with me but he was on stage. Simon said they will be on there way. Then he told the guy that's in charge to get Harry to come out. Then the ambulance came and took me. I screamed I need Harry I won't go until Harry here they said we have to go now or you will have your baby here.

Harry point of view

Someone in my earpiece said Harry create a distraction to come out. Then I herd Jordan yell I need Harry I won't go until he here. I told everyone sorrry we have to take a brake . Everyone looked at me and I ran. Then Jordan saw me she smiled a litte then they were taking her she screamed at she said Harry come on I need you now. She started crying when I came by her I took her hand and we got on the ambulance car. She screamed I think the baby coming. They said hold it were here we have to get you to your room. We ran to her room. Then they told her to push. She said I can't it hurts . The doctor said you have to try she pushed then the baby came out I cut the umbilical cord. Then they took our two daughters to clean them. We were left alone for awhile Jordan was crying. I said why are you crying? She said were did my baby's go I want to hold them.I told her they would be back. She looked a litte relieved. Then someone knocked on our door it was my mom and her mom. They concralted us we said thank you. Then I looked at Jordan she looked sleepy I told her she could go to sleep. I would wake her up when the baby Comes back. She took a nap then the baby came back I woke her up but she wouldn't wake up I called her name she just would not wake up. Put the baby's in the cribs.I walked out to talk with everyone that came. They said is jordan wake I said no she still sleep. I went outside with the gang to get a fresh breath. Then I said I going to pop the question next month. Everyone was shocked. We went back inside to see if Jordan was awake.

Jordan pov

I woke up and saw my two baby girls but then I saw my daughter though real loud I looked at her she was coughing up blood I called for a nurse or doctor. The nurse came in I told her what going on she took her away. I though Harry was in the restroom. My mom and his mom left before I fell asleep. I stared crying I went inside the restroom shut door and sat my back angist the wall.Harry must not like me I was mad I punched the wall and screamed my hand was bleeding. Then I thought about my my baby and kicked the wall my foot was hurting and my ankle was twist when I tried to get up. Then I started to cry. I heard harry walk in the room. He called my name I was scared what he would do to me. So I locked the door. Then screamed in pain. Then I passed out.

Harry pov

I went back in the room were Jordan and my new daughters. Then I herd the bathroom door locked. I called Jordan then but there was no answer. I walked to the bathroom in tried to get in but then I heard someone. Not just some one my beautiful girlfriend. Then my phone beeper I looked at the text it said.


Hay baby can't wait until tomorrow. I have the perfect outfit for tomorrow night. See you then love.


Hay love can't wait. I bet you will look good in the that outfit. See you then or maybe even tonight. Love you.<3 Your probably wondering why I am cheating well see been friends since diapers and I love her so much. We went out but broke up. Now we're back together. I was going to break up with Jordan but she told me she was pregnant. Well I walked out to my car and went to her house. I pulled up to her house and walked in I have key to her house.


Author note: Tell me if You like the story. Who wants be nail or zyan boyfriend. Tell me which one you want your style. What you like to do for fun. And your favorite movie and color . Also your birthday.

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