my love of my life

Harry and Jordan are the cutest couple they been together since birth. Everyone known that someday they go out but they dint know they would get married and start a family.They have there bestfriend Liam ,nail ,Louis,zyan and there girlfriends to help through this. But something big happens dose Jordan stay or dose harry leave her.dose one leave at the wrong time. Dose someone tell there true feelings.


3. brake up

Jessica pov. From:harry Hay love can't wait. I bet you will look good in the that outfit. See you then or maybe even tonight. Love you <3. I read the text i was happy he was coming over. I am glad he left jordan . I went to the restroom and got changed in to the outfit he bought me. I really love him someday i want to start our future toghter. I layed on the bed as i herd harry come up the stairs. Jordan pov . I woke up and saw the gang around me and one of my dauthers in the glass crib . I looked with my eyes for the other one and said were is my sara ? Liam said they have to run test on her. Then i looked for Harry he was not in the room. I asked were is harry ? Louis said he left when you passed out. I think he is scared . I was mad everyone left but nail . I dint care that he stayed with me. I looked at nail he said i like you alot. I told him i like him to. Then he told me were harry went. I was angry at harry . I dont know why he did that to me. Nail said i could move in with him if i like. I said i would love to. Harry pov. I walked up stairs and saw Jessica and the most beatuful outfit every. It was what i had bought her two weeks ago. I really love her and jordan i cant decide . When i am with Jessica i really can be myslef. When i am with jordan i am super shy sometimes , but i can be myslef and we have that spark. I know what to do. I will break up with jessica . I told Jessica i am breaking up with you . She slaped me then told me to go. She said you do not know what you are missing. I said i do i am missing Jordan so much. I got in my car and blocked her number. I stared to drive to the hospital. I pulled up and saw everyone outside of jordan room but nail. Iooked through the window and saw nail kissing jordan. I was mad at jordan . I ran in the room as they stopped. I looked at jordan and said how could you. She said well how could you cheat on me with some trashy girl. I slapped her . Then she said we are through. She started to cry on nail shoulder. Then everyone came in . So nail told them everything they were mad at me. I ran off i wanted Jessica back i called her and told her i broke up with jordan and i am sorry and i want her back.
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