My step brother is a keeper

Ariel's life was perfect the way it was
Her father was marring someone new and her life was finally gonna have a happy ending
Or so she thought
Until she met the love of her life Lucas Hemmings
What happens when she finds out that's her new step brother


2. running for me

"Ariel" I hear luke shouting

I kept running

But I can't help it I fall to the ground crying

Somebody holds me

I don't bother to look up

" It's gonna be okay" it's Luke's voice

I pull away

But he pulls me back down

"We are staying hear till you tell what's wrong"

Are you fucking serious he doesn't know what's wrong

"we will be hear for awhile then Lucas"

We sit in silence. I don't wanna look up and see those eyes or else I know I will start crying again

It's now dark and I check the time it's now 2:00 am

We are still here

I am lying on the ground so is he

I am freezing, my teeth are chattering, & my body is going numb

Luke comes over I back away

"Seriously do you wanna die from freezing to death"

I don't say anything

"OMG you are so difficult" he says as he pulls me on top of him

My legs are around his waist my arms are around his neck

And I have my head buried in his cheat

Ariel I know- I cut him off "no you don't- he puts his hand over my mouth "let me finish"

I nod in response

"I know who you are, I see you tweeting about me, I see your stories, I see you in the crowd of my shows when I go to Canada and sometimes other places near, you don't think I've never noticed. I fell in love with you too. I fell in love with the way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you move, and the way you look at me. I want to be with you too."

I was about to say something when he took his hands around the back of my neck and kissed with all the passion he had

When we broke away he put his head on mine

"never forget I love you too Ariel and not as a brother"

He pulled me back on him

We ended up falling asleep with me on top of him cuddling in the cold, dark night

Sorry for the short chapter I have a lot of homework to do

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