My step brother is a keeper

Ariel's life was perfect the way it was
Her father was marring someone new and her life was finally gonna have a happy ending
Or so she thought
Until she met the love of her life Lucas Hemmings
What happens when she finds out that's her new step brother


1. moving

"Hurry up Ariel or else we are going to be late & I don't want liz to be mad at me"

"I'm coming dad don't worry"

I was finally meeting my new mother and step brothers, my father told me about liz and she sounded like she was the mother I've always wanted. So I was extremely happy finally I would have one who cared, my real mother left my dad Andrew and I when I was 7. I though I would never have a mother but 8 years later and I have a new mother!

I made my way downstairs with everything I had. I got rid of all my old stuff because liz said she wanted to decorate my room, the only thing was she asked me who my favorite band was so she could put poster in my room and when I said 5 seconds of summer she laughed at me.

After I said goodbye to the house we got in the car and I out on my headphones blaring 5sos.

"Ariel wake up sleepy head" I got my stuff and went inside my new house

I found a note on the floor

Sorry I won't be home for a little I went to the dote to get food for dinner and so did the boys Ariel your room is the second floor the first room

Love, liz xx

I automatically ran upstairs to see my room, the walls where white with the 5sos logo on it

I had a black bed spread with the nirvana logo on it

I though it couldn't get any better but it did

Their were glass doors leading out to a balcony

I went back inside and blared 5sos started packing away my room, I was finally done when I had a knock at the door

"You better keep it down my mates are here" I was screamed at

I recognized the voice but I though I was hallucinating thinking that was Luke's voice so I went back to doing what I was doing

I went on twitter and spammed luke after about 1,000 tweets he finally followed me

I screamed

"OMG are you okay" my dad came bursting into my room

"Dad Lucas Fucking Hemmings finally followed me on twitter"

"Um what's going on hear" I heard a familiar voice say

I looked and their he was

"Ariel it's time you met your step brother luke, luke this is areil, Ariel this is luke"

I ran out of the front door

I couldn't believed this happened

I am in love with him and now he is my step brother

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