My step brother is a keeper

Ariel's life was perfect the way it was
Her father was marring someone new and her life was finally gonna have a happy ending
Or so she thought
Until she met the love of her life Lucas Hemmings
What happens when she finds out that's her new step brother


3. love don't run

Ariel's Pov

I woke up snuggled into Luke's chest

I looked up at him

He was already looking down at me

It have me butterflies

"We should go home, they are probably worried about us"

I nodded

It was a long walk from our house

And a short run

But neither me or luke felt like running

I was so tired when I walked I almost fell down every time

so luke picked me up and carried me in his arms

When we got home luke set me down on the couch and cuddled in with my

The rest of the boys came running down the stairs

They all came over to me giving me hugs

"Luke you didn't tell us you had a hot sister" they all cheered together

I giggled to myself and looked down because my cheeks we're burning

We should watch a movie Calum suggest

We put in the notebook

"Ariel can we cuddle?" Calum asked giving me the puppy dog face

I didn't say anything just scooted closer to him

He put his head in my lap while I played with his hair

I closed my eyes and drifted off while calum was already asleep

He was already like my guy bestfriend

I was about to fall asleep when I heard Luke, Michael, and Ashton talking

"Luke we know you like her" ashton spoke

"You are mad at calum for cuddling with her" micheal joined in

"Why else would you be made" said ashton

"I just really like her guys" luke spoke

You couldn't help but smile

"Yeah you quote on quote really like her that's why she doesn't know you're still dating Alesia" ashton said

Micheal and ashton walked off

You couldn't help but know this would happen

You knew you were never gonna be good enough for him

Like wen olio to his room and slammed he door

When he was finally away

You couldn't help but cry into sleeping calum

Or so what you thought

He moved his head right against yours

It's okay Ariel

" He doesn't know what he is doing and how much he is hurting you beautiful. But don't cry you're to pretty for crying."

Be you could say anything he kissed your tears and put your head on his chest

He played with your hair while you watched movies

Luke came back downstairs

"What the fuck Calum you know I like her"he scream

"Luke shut the fuck up, it's not his fault you lead me on while you had a girlfriend."

I ran up to my and locked my door

"Let me in Ariel"

"Get the Fuck away Lucas"

"No I'm not leaving"

"Fine don't but I'm not talking"

I put my back against the door

Luke started to song to me

I cried

I knew I shouldn't have fallen for him

He is my brother

We can't do this anymore

I can't love my brother like that

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