My step brother is a keeper

Ariel's life was perfect the way it was
Her father was marring someone new and her life was finally gonna have a happy ending
Or so she thought
Until she met the love of her life Lucas Hemmings
What happens when she finds out that's her new step brother


4. I don't need this

Ariel's POV

I woke up by a loud knock

"Let me in" the person screamed

Assuming it was Luke I yelled back

"Get the fuck away from me Luke, I don't wanna talk to you"

"Ariel it's Calum, please let me in"

I walked over to the door, unlocking it

I was meet by a sad looking Calum

"I'm really sorry Calum I just really don't want to talk to Luke. He made me feel so happy, and I know it's stupid because I only knew him for these two days. But was everything he said a lie, the while I know how you are. I love you and your my sister by I don't care thing."

Ugh I groaned

I was now on my knees crying

I couldn't take it anymore

I was sick and tired of feeling like this it's not the first time this happened with my ex boyfriend Zander

I looked up Calum was making his way over to me

"He doesn't deserve you" he said

And when I thought he was going to leave me alone

He took me face in his hands and kissed me

I didn't know what I was going but I felt myself kissing him back

That was a bad idea

I was now straddling him and we we're in a full out make out session

When I heard Luke's voice

"Hey Ariel can we--

And that's when he ran away slamming the front door

I got off of Calum and ran out the front door

I had to find him

It was now 11 p.m. And I started looking for him at 8 a.m.

I called ashton

"Hey ash"

"Hey Ariel"

"Have you seen luke"

"Yes he is with me"

"Where are you me and him need to talk"

"I'm not aloud to tell"

"Whatever bye"

I knew where he was

He was at a party

I could tell because of the music and the way ashton was slurring his words

I was at a corner when I heard music pumping

I followed the noise and into the house

I couldn't find luke anywhere downstairs but I found ashton

I had I hide because ashton shouldn't know I'm here

I went up stairs when I heard someone moaning and had the door open slightly

I was outside the door

The next things I heard was

"Aleshia ugh fuck me harder"

I burst through the door and with that I saw Luke with some girl on top of him

That was the last straw

I ran out of the house

That was until ashton caught me

He grabbed me by the wrist

"Ariel I didn't know you where coming" slurring his words

"Let me go ashton"

"Come on babe, let's dance"

"Ashton let me go"

Luke pushed him away and asked me if I was okay

I just walked away

I didn't need this right now

So I ran

Ran my little heart out

Until I couldn't run anymore

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