You can't decide whether money changes things or not; it does. You can decide, however, whether it changes things for better or worse.


28. Twenty eight

All four of us have a sleepover that weekend and when we wake up the following morning, Johanna immediately says "I think we should get more revenge today." and all of our eyes light up. 

"What have you got in mind?" I ask. 

"I don't know, I just saw on Facebook today that he's going to the beach so he won't be in all day if we wanna do something at his house."

"His cars." Carrie says, a glint in her eyes.

"No." Johanna shakes her head. "We can't take this out on the cars."

"I think we should take it out on the cars." Alice adds.

"Yes." I agree and when Johanna goes to object I go "Did he take your virginity Johanna?" and we all laugh. 

The verdict ends up being that we don't do anything seriously harmful towards his cars even though he's so rich and he could just buy another if he wanted to, let alone just have it repaired. So we go to the store on our way to his house and buy silly string, toilet paper, whipped cream, confetti, glue and glitter. A lot of glitter.

We get there and I find the spare key into the garage and we go in. He's taken the Bugatti out to the beach but the rest of the cars are here for us to temporarily ruin. Johanna is hesitant at first but when she sees how much fun we're having, she joins in. Carrie takes the yellow car, Johanna and Alice do the red car and I'm here covering the black Lamborghini in pink glitter and silly string. This stupid Lamborghini that I had so much fun driving around in when I thought that there was nothing better than driving around in fancy cars with stuck up boys.

By the end of it, we're all pretty happy with ourselves as we stand back and admire our masterpiece. I've covered a lot of the car with pink glitter. Johanna and Alice have covered the red car in silly string and toilet paper and Carrie has covered the yellow car with whipped cream and confetti and as a finishing touch, she's used the silly string to draw a heart on the front with a jagged line down the middle. 

I don't hear from him that night. I'm sort of expecting a call or at least a text but I don't hear from him. Until I'm in English class the next day at the same time as his class is on lunch time. I don't see him at first but I hear Johanna murmur "Oh shit" and I look up and he's stood outside the classroom door. His eyes meet mine and he looks furious. My stomach clenches. 

"Miss, can I go to the toilet?" I ask straight away. 

He pulls me aside as soon as I step out of the classroom door. I yank my wrist away. 

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he hisses. "I spent hours sorting my cars out last night. You're so goddamn lucky my parents didn't find out."

"Or what?" I raise an eyebrow. "You would have sued me?"


I laugh. "I don't think you could have sued me for putting glitter on your car."

"It doesn't matter about suing you." he says, frustrated. "It matters that you even did it. What were you thinking?" 

I'm about to tell him but then I wonder whether he even really deserves to know what I'm thinking. I've been more than open with him before and look where that got me. So I just don't say anything and I walk back into class as if it never happened and I try to convince myself that I did the right thing.

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