You can't decide whether money changes things or not; it does. You can decide, however, whether it changes things for better or worse.


3. Three

It is the weirdest thing walking towards Alexander's Lamborghini after school. So many girls in this school would die to do this and I have to admit, I feel pretty cool even if I don't like Alexander like that. He's sitting in the driver's seat, doing his hair in the rear view mirror but when I get a bit closer and he spots me he leans over and opens the passenger seat door for me. I guess he always kind of confused me like that. Even though he's so vain and kind of arrogant and he never really has an actual interest in anything but his clique of friends, he's nice to everybody at the same time. 

"Hey." he says. "You ready to go?" 

"Yep." I say, putting my seat belt on casually as if this isn't the nicest car I have ever been in in my life.

"You like the car?" he asks, grinning as he backs out of the parking lot. He is so sure of himself and I can't blame him. How could he not be?

"Uh, it's kind of nicer than my house." I admit and he laughs. 

He glances at me for a moment when I get my phone out and start dialing. "Who are you calling?" he asks. 

"My dad. I'm letting him know where I am." I say as the phone rings and he laughs. 

"You're just coming to my house, we're not going across states or anything." he says, looking back at the road, an amused smile on his face. 

"We know that, but he doesn't." I point out, smiling a little. "For all he knows, I've been kidnapped and I'm never coming home."

"How do you know that's not what's really happening?" he jokes.

I hush him as my dad picks up the phone. "Hey dad, I'm gonna be a bit late home tonight, I've gotta go to do a music thing at my partner's house."

"Okay honey." Dad says. I can hear the murmurs of his office in the background and people sounding stressed but my dad sounds pretty cheery as always. "Want me to save you some dinner?" 

"No thanks, I'll grab something on my way home." I say. "See you later, Dad."

"Love you." he says.

"Love you too." I say, hanging up. 

"Awww." Alexander grins. "How sweet."

"What, do you not tell your parents you love them?" I ask, defensively. 

He laughs, pulling into his driveway. "Calm down, I was just messing with you."

I've never actually been to Alexander's house. Not that I've ever had a reason to, but it's just kind of weird to be here. I've seen glimpses of it in pictures on Facebook from parties that he's held. This house is down a little private road off of the main road and I've always driven past it but I've never really seen his house. And now I'm seeing it and it's huge. Like, almost mansion huge. And it's fancy as hell. 

"Want me to give you a tour?" he asks as we walk up the driveway. 

I look at him. "Do I need a tour for us to do our duet?" 

He laughs a little. "I guess not. I just thought you'd wanna see the house."

And even though I am thinking that that is such an arrogant thing to say whether he's a nice person or not, I just shrug and say "Yeah, sure."

It's huge. It has so many rooms which is weird considering that there's only him and his parents living there as far as I'm concerned. But they aren't all just bedrooms, there's a library, a spa room, the best kitchen I've ever seen with a chef preparing dinner inside, countless lounges and rooms to relax in and so many rooms we don't even go into. He has a huge garden too, like I can't even see the end of the garden when I'm looking at it out of the window. Thinking of my little three bedroom house with just me and my dad in it eating left over pizza for dinner makes this even stranger. I can't believe this is Alexander's every day life.

"This is crazy." I look at him with wide eyes as we're walking down a hallway at one point. "Like, actually insane. You actually hold parties and stuff here?" 

"Yeah." he grins and then stops walking, frowning at me. "I'm sorry I don't invite you. I just-"

"I don't care that you don't invite me to your parties." I frown at him, laughing at the same time. "I'm just saying, do you actually trust drunk teenagers in this house?"

He carries on walking, smiling. "There's no better place for drunk teenagers than this house."

We walk into a room at the end of the hallway and I think we're just going into an office or something to start on our duet but it's literally a music studio. There's a piano in the middle of the room, a whole wall of instruments, and then a recording booth at the end of the room. 

"You're kidding me." I whisper, looking around.

He just chuckles. "Okay, so me on piano, you on guitar, yeah?"

"Yeah." I say, still in a daze, looking at everything. 

"I picked you that acoustic out earlier, I think it'll be fine." he says, sitting down at the piano and gesturing to the chair next to his seat. I sit beside him, picking up the guitar immediately. I don't know how that works, how popular people can demand something of you and you do it right away. 

"So, do you wanna start by-"

"Can we be done by like six, please?" he cuts me off and then seems to realise he did it. "Oh, sorry! I'm sorry, I just have to go and meet my friends."

"Yeah, whatever, that's fine."

He smiles. "Cool. Thanks. Okay, what were you saying?" 

And I have the most surreal experience of my life, sitting there in Alexander Logans' music studo, in Alexander Logans' house, writing a compilation of Alexander Logans' favourite songs with Alexander Logans. 

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