You can't decide whether money changes things or not; it does. You can decide, however, whether it changes things for better or worse.


39. Thirty nine

"So my cousin is coming to town soon." Johanna says when we're all hanging out at Alex's house one night.

Alice looks up. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." Johanna says. "It's gonna be his nineteenth birthday so we're gonna have a party and you are all invited."

"When is it?" Alex asks, twirling the ring on my finger.

She shrugs. "Some time next month."

He nods and then sparks up a little. "Johanna, I got the interior in the Bugatti changed."

Her eyes widen. "Are you serious? What? Why?"

"No, no, no, I promise it's good." he says, looking to me. "Kaya, doesn't the Bugatti look good?" 

I nod. "It is one fine looking car. Go and look Johanna."

"Yeah, Johanna you have to come and see it." Alex kisses my cheek, shifting me off his lap and they both go rushing down to the garage and we can hear them talking excitedly about the car the entire way down. They're both as bad as each other.

"If you were going for approval from Johanna, you certainly got it." Carrie says.

I laugh, shaking my head. "They're like the same person, it's unreal."

"It must be nice to know Johanna likes him." Alice says. "I don't know why, it just feels like she is the hardest to please, you know?" 

"Yeah." I agree and then look at Alice with a glint in my eye. "It won't be hard for you to get her approval with your future boyfriend though."

Carrie grins at me. We both think Alice has a bit of a thing for Johanna's cousin. Carrie and I haven't ever seen him but Alice has met him before when Johanna and Alice both went to see some musical together and they stayed at Johanna's aunt and uncle's house where her cousin also lived. Alice's eyes just sort of light up whenever he's mentioned. 

"What do you mean?" she frowns. 

"Well she's not exactly going to disapprove of her own cousin now is she?" Carrie grins. 

Alice groans. "I don't fancy Jeremy."

"Don't call him Jeremy, we all know his nickname is Jem to everybody, don't go calling him by his actual name to try and act like you're not in love with him." I say. 

"I'm not in love with him!" she insists.

"Who isn't in love with who?" Alex asks as he and Johanna walk back in. He lifts me up a little and sits down, sitting me down on his lap. 

"Alice isn't in love with Johanna's cousin apparently." I grin at Alice, resting my head against Alex's. 

Alex laughs. "I've heard about this. Alice, just admit it, you're in love with him."

"She's totally in love with him." Johanna adds. 

"So in love." Carrie sighs. 

"Shut up!" Alice protests

"By the way, your boyfriend turned a beautiful car into a pile of crap." Johanna says to me and I laugh, looking at Alex who looks outraged. 

"It looks incredible." he says, pointing a finger at her. "You don't know about aesthetics."

"Don't get me started on aesthetics." she says and they start another one of their debates and now I can't even imagine what the world was like without them both disagreeing about everything like brother and sister and without Alice, Carrie and I rolling our eyes at them because they've had the same argument fifty times before. I really cannot even imagine a time before this anymore.

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