You can't decide whether money changes things or not; it does. You can decide, however, whether it changes things for better or worse.


9. Nine

"Hey." Alexander comes up to our lunch table the next day. All of my friends' heads turn and they all go silent. He gives them a bit of a confused smile but shakes it off and looks at me. "There's a movie I want you to see on at the cinema later, do you wanna go?"

I give my friends a look. This is a weird moment. I wonder what they think of this, of him asking me to the movies. I glance at his friends on the other side of the cafeteria and they're all giving him a confused look. 

"What's the movie?" I ask.

"I'm not telling you until we get there because you'll say no." 

I narrow my eyes. "If I know I'll say no, why would I go?"

"Because I think you'll like it once we actually get there and watch it, Kaya, gosh, don't be so judgmental." he says, exasperated but he winks. 

"I can't anyway, we're having a sleepover tonight." I shrug apologetically, gesturing to my friends.

He waves it off. "You'll be done in time for that, I'll drop you off afterwards."

I sigh. "Alexander, I don't-"

"Pick you up at four." is all he says and with a grin towards my friends, he's back to his friends. 

The bell goes and we all go to separate classes so there's no time for my friends to make any comments on it but I know they'll have a lot to say later when we're all at Carrie's house. I'm not even sure if Alexander knows where I live so maybe he just won't show up and I won't have to go. But when I think about it, I'm kind of excited to go. I'm sure he just invited me because none of his friends want to see the movie but I'm excited anyway. I like spending time with him. 

I kinda worry that he won't show up but at four, my dad glances out of the window and frowns. 

"Whose car is that?" he asks, wonder in his voice. 

I peer out of the window. "It's Alexander's."

"Oh is he coming to work over here today?" 

"No, we're going to the movies." I kiss my dad's cheek. "I'll see you later."

"Okay sweetheart, have fun." he says, glancing out of the window again. "And tell him to drive carefully, he pulled in here really fast."

"I will!" I call as I leave the house. I won't. 

Alexander is driving a yellow car today and the doors open upwards so I'm glad he opened it for me otherwise I would have been stood there for ages and it would have just been embarrassing. I climb into the car next to him and he presses a button to make the doors close. 

"Hey." he says, pulling out of the driveway at top speed. My dad's going to love that. I don't say anything though. "You excited?" 

"Not really seeing as I don't know what we're going to see." I say. 

"You're going to love it." he grins. "You'll think you're gonna hate it but I just know you'll love it."

"How do you know? You haven't even seen it yet."

"I can just tell." he says, sounding so excited. "The cast is amazing. Like, seriously I was amazed when I heard about it." 

When we get there, I tell him I'm not hungry so I don't have to go through the awkward moment of 'will I pay? Is he going to pay?' even though it's not a date, so I don't know why he would pay anyway. He says he's too excited to eat anything so we just go straight into the theater. I see his friends at the back straight away and he frowns. 

"I didn't know they were coming tonight." he says. 

"It looks like they saved a seat for you." there's only one seat spare near them. "Do you wanna go sit with them?" 

"No, I want you to see the movie." he says, walking towards the front of the theater. 

I grab his wrist, not wanting his friends to make a big deal out of him choosing to sit with me and not them. I'm not going to lie, his friends are kind of idiots and I know they'll be dicks about it and they'll think we're on a date or something when we're really not.

"Just go and sit with them, it's fine, I'll see it some other time." I say quickly, letting go of his wrist and walking towards the door. 

He grabs my wrist this time, tugging on my arm. He looks confused as to why I'm so anxious. 

"Just come and sit down, it's no big deal." he says and then his frown turns into a smile. "Weirdo."

I laugh nervously. "Okay."

Throughout all of the trailers, I can hear his friends whispering and laughing and I don't know if it's about me but it probably is. Alexander doesn't even seem to notice, he's just too excited about this stupid movie that's about to start. I nudge him at one point. 

"I think your friends think we're on a date." I whisper.

"So? We're not. I'll clear things up tomorrow." he says, clearly not caring at all. 


"Would you quit calling me Alexander?" he asks, chuckling. "Just call me Alex."

I sigh. "Alex-"

"Just ignore them, they're not making fun of you or anything, they're just being jerks to piss me off." he says laughing like they're hilarious.

So I try to ignore them and it's kind of difficult but in the end I manage to enjoy the movie and it's great how much Alex enjoys it, he's like an excited child on Christmas whilst still being the coolest guy on the planet. He raves about it on the entire ride over to Carrie's and I don't get a word in edgewise but I don't really mind.

"Turn left here." I have to interrupt him at one point. 

"Oh yeah." he says, pulling up in front of Carrie's house. I glance up at Carrie's bedroom window and they're all looking out of it at the car, grinning. I roll my eyes and ignore them. "See you some time soon then."

"Yep." I say, getting out of the car. "Thank you for the ride."

"Are you coming over tomorrow to work on the duet?" he asks.

"I can come over for a bit, yeah." I say, smiling. "See you tomorrow."

"Bye!" he calls as I shut the car door and wander into Carrie's house. 

When I walk into her room, they all sit there, smiling at me with their eyebrows raised. I sigh. 

"Guys don't you d-"

"WE SHIP IT!" they all scream at the same time and they collapse, laughing. I can't help but laugh as well, dumping my bag and sitting with them. It's fun hanging out with Alex but I kind of forget that when I hang out with Johanna, Alice and Carrie. 

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