You can't decide whether money changes things or not; it does. You can decide, however, whether it changes things for better or worse.


15. Fifteen

The next Monday, I'm still not speaking with my friends so Johanna doesn't come and pick me up for school. I hover for a while, wondering if Alex is going to come and pick me up. He doesn't. Not that I really expected him to, I didn't ask him to or anything. 

I walk to school and somehow manage to get there early. I guess I left a little earlier than usual and didn't get stuck in any traffic. I spot Alex's group of friends all hanging around near the gates. I wish I could just go and hang out with him all day but I don't really feel like putting up with all the stares his friends give so I guess it's going to be kind of lonely until me and my friends patch things up. 

He calls my name as I walk past them, heading into school. I stop and turn around. 

"Hey!" he says, jogging over to me. "Did you walk to school?"


"I should have come and picked you up." he says, sounding disappointed. "I'll give you a ride tomorrow."

"Oh no, don't worry about it, I don't mind walking." 

"Don't be silly." he waves it off. "So where are you going?"

"Just to class." I say, hesitantly. 

He narrows his eyes, smiling. "Class doesn't start for another twenty minutes."

"Yeah... I wanna be there early." I say, wincing as I say it because I know it's such a pathetic excuse. 

He laughs. "Just come and hang out with us."

I really don't want to but he makes it very hard to say no to him so I just follow him around all day. He asks me at one point if I want to go and hang out at his house after school but I tell him no. I kind of just want to be alone for a little while, it's just one of those moods. He drops me off home at the end of the day and looks at me. 

"The offer to come and hang out still stands." he says. 

"Thank you but I think I might just go and have a nap or something." I say. I'm not lying or making excuses. 

"Okay." he smiles gently. "I'll call you later or something."

"Okay." I smile back, getting out of the car. 

I feel really happy about our friendship. It's like it's the two of us as a pair. Maybe I'm over thinking it but the fact that he's promising to call me later and the fact that I always text him in the evenings is like we just feel the need to talk to each other and I like that. I like that we're such good friends. There's something so nice about finding somebody you can talk to for hours on end whether you're talking about nothing or talking about everything.

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