You can't decide whether money changes things or not; it does. You can decide, however, whether it changes things for better or worse.


11. Eleven

I get ready the next morning before going down to breakfast. It's nine in the morning and my dad looks shocked as I sit down at the table and start pouring cereal. I try to ignore him but he's just staring at me. Eventually I stare back. 

"What?" I ask. 

"What the hell are you doing up so early on a Sunday?" he asks, his eyes wide. 

"Me and Alex are going out today." I explain.

"Oh, right, yeah." he says, clearing his throat. "So, uh... is Alex like... your boyfriend then?" 

I cringe. "Dad, no, we're friends."

"Okay, okay, I'll stop going on about it." he says, putting his hands up. I hear Alex's car horn outside. "But you know you can talk to me about that kind of thing, right?"

"Yes, Dad, you tell me every time I mention a boy's name." I kiss his cheek. "I'll be back for dinner."

"Alright sweetheart, see you later." he ruffles my hair. 

I smooth my hair down before I step out of the door. Alex is in his normal black Lamborghini today so I can open the doors by myself. He has an Oasis CD playing and he grins as I get in the car.

"Hey." he says. "You ready to go?" 

"I am." I say. "What are we doing?" 

"Well." he begins with that kind of smile on his face that suggests I'm not going to want to do the activity. "I need a new car."

"No you don't."

"Okay, I want a new car. I want a convertible for the summer and I don't have a convertible for the summer so my plan was we could go car shopping." he glances sideways at me. "Do you hate the idea? You have a look on your face like the idea."

"I don't hate the idea." I laugh. "I'm just amazed that you can just go out and buy a convertible whenever you feel like it."

He chuckles. "Well you get the honour of helping me choose."

I have to say, I feel pretty cool walking into the fanciest car place I've ever seen with Alex while he wanders straight over the the most expensive cars. I honestly have no idea what I'm looking for here, Johanna would be a lot more helpful than me at this point. 

"This is nice." I point to a red car that just looks so typical nice car.

He frowns at the car and then at me. "Are you kidding?" 


He laughs. "Maybe I shouldn't have brought you along today."

"Fine, I'll just go home then." I joke.

"Yeah, whatever." he ruffles my hair, dragging me along with him to the next car. It's silver like he wanted. He grins at me, expectantly. I cross my arms, shrugging nonchalantly. 

"I don't like it."

His eyes widen. "Are you serious?"

"Yes." I say. No. Even I can tell this is a nice car. 

"But..." he gestures towards it. "It's beautiful!" 

I laugh. "I was kidding, I like it."

He grins. "I think this is the one."

So right there and then he just buys a $500,000 car and pays extra to have his other car towed back to his house so he can drive his new one. And yet again, because of Alex, I feel way cooler than I actually am as we hurtle down the highway in his brand new convertible towards the beach. 

He drops me off home after a day on the beach and I'm kind of exhausted but also pretty happy. 

"I can pick you up for school in the morning if you want." he says, resting his head back on the headrest. 

"Really?" I ask. "Thank you."

"No problem. Wanna come over after school tomorrow as well and we can work on the song?"

"Yeah, sure." I get out of the car. "Bye!"

"See you." he does a little wave. "Thank you for helping me choose the car."

"No problem." I smile. "See you tomorrow."

I fall asleep straight away and I completely forget to set my alarm so I wake up ten minutes before I have to leave. I pretty much scream and freak out and run around pulling my clothes on and I practically jump into Johanna's car. She stares at me. 

"You look-"

"I look horrible, I know." I groan and she just laughs at me.

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