My forever and always


1. Jealous? Nooo..

Nicole's pov

Hey I'm Nicole I'm 17, and I live in Sydney Australia, I have hazel eyes brown hair with blonde high lights and maroon lowlights, oh and I'm single.. :(

"Nikki" my best friend Riley said, "hurry we're gonna be late for school" I quickly went downstairs and we both left in my blue dodge charger. When we arrived at our school, We went our seperate ways, as usual. I walked to my locker 238, and got my books ready for today. "Hey gorgeous" a familiar voice said, I looked up to find the hottest bad boy ever, Luke Hemmings. " hey luke" I said innocently. Then attempting to walk off as he pulled me back, " wait, can we talk?" "No not now, I have to get to class, I have to work after school at the club, but here's my number" I said reaching for his phone and entering Nikki 448 766 0778. He smiled and said "thanks beautiful". I blushed.

------skip to work-------

"Nicole table 8 needs you" Riley said. She was my best friend, but we were sisters, in our hearts. Oh and she's my boss which is kinda cool. "Ok" I said. I walked over to the table of four guys. Omg, luke Hemmings , again. With his band mates ashton irwin Michael Clifford and calum hood. Holy fucking shit.

I faked a smile and said "hey, I'm Nicole... What can I get you?" "A nice bed with you and some sexy lingerie, or what your wearing baby.." One of them said he Had brown curly hair with a bandanna, and piercing eyes- it was ashton. They all laughed.. "Umm, I asked what I could get you, not what u could dream of sweetie" I said with a smirk. " oh baby but see you can get us that, and all in one time too." Michael the blue haired one said. Calum the dark brown eyed and haired one just whistled , and slapped my ass. "Shut the fuck up pervs" luke said, I was shocked. "This ones mine.." He followed. " so tonight bAbe?michael said,... " no fucking way, I don't date assholes.." I said. Luke smiled as if it was a burrnnn moment. "Riley, take table 8 please, I'll get 3." "Sure" she said.

I walked over to discover 2 dudes about 18. " hey sexy mama, what's up babe" a blonde guy said. "Uh yeah hey, what would u like" I said. "You" the other one said firmly as he grabbed my ass, pulled me into him, and kissed me as I tried to pull away. They were drunk. The alcohol was strong. "Please get off of me" I attempted to say. Then the other guy came and bit my ear, then kissed my neck, sucking it as well. "It's okay I know u want me, let's have a doubletske sexy" he mumbled. "I-" just as he was about to say something he fell to the floor causing the other guy to run. I looked up to see luke, as he continued beating the shit out of the dude.

After that was over I took my break to sit and think the whole thing over. I was about to cry, when I looked up and seen luke. "Hey, are u okAy? He said, so sweetly. "Yeah Thankyou for what you did it means a lot." I said with a smile. " why did u help me though" I said. " I don't know, I just got insanely.... I don't know, I just got angry"

"luke Hemmings are u jealous" ashton said walking over. Luke blushed, then said "" causing me to laugh. "Luke this one laughs, she's a keeper..." Ashton said. I felt weird, I got butterflies, me, a keeper? As in I'm likes keeper? Luke smiled and said "I know, she's mine though ashton" I laughed again.

was I falling for luke, was luke falling for me? I didn't know, but, I couldn't wait to find out!!

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