My forever and always


3. I don't know...

I open the door and it's as if my jaw drops 6 feet under. "Luke-wow.., this is gorgeous - I don't deserve this. I'm just gonna go, I don't-you don't need to treat me like this" I say nearly crying, reAching for the door handle. That was until a strong soft hands gripped my wrist pulling me away. "Nikki, no. You can't leave. I lov- I mean I need you to stay, please. You deserve the best-anything and everything. I'm sorry I can't give you it all- but I'm trying, please, please just don't leave." He said tears coming down his face. I had never been treated like this before. It was all so new. My parents hated me, every boyfriend I ever had, only abused me or pressured me into sex. Me being me, allowed them to abuse me. But never dared to have sex with them. Still remaining a virgin. That's why I act so- strange around luke. He treats me like a princess, but all I will ever be is worthless, and I'll never deserve him. Maybe that's why I act so odd with Luke's kind actions. " okay luke-I'm sorry." I said with a Half smile. Luke returned the gesture before saying "yay! Go upstairs I'll be up in a few. We can watch a movie, and talk a little?" Luke offered. "Awesome" I said.

I walked in Luke's room ... It was the same as mine, with the exception of a few things. I sat on his bed, thinking of how worthless I am. How I cut nearly everyday, attempted suicide several times. And how I had nothing. How I am nothing. As I was thinking luke walked in interrupting my thoughts. "Hey, I-uh I don't think you really wanna sleep in skinny jeans, so-um, would uh you maybe wanna ya know borrow a shirt?" He said nervously. I chuckled and smiled. " yeah thanks lukey, I appreciate it." Lukey?" He said. I blushed not realizing I had done that. "Uh, I guess i did say that hahaha" I said laughing awkwardly and staring at my shoes. "Okay then nickels, imma let you change" he said walking out of the room. I changed and walked out to see luke laying down. He was in his boxers, only boxers, with his hands behind his neck staring at the tv. I carefully stared at the way his muscles flexed as he had his arms behind his neck, and his wonderful solid abs. We were watching mean girls. Luke patted for me to lay beside him. I did as told. We cuddled, until I felt him staring at me.

"What "I asked nervously

"Oh uh , your just gorgeous"

"Thanks-doubt it tho"

"Your perfect-and I'd love to argue with you more about this, but if we do I'm gonna fall asleep. So with that being said let's go to bed princess nickels"

I smiled sleepily, and chuckled, then nodded and fell asleep. Until I felt something swift against my lips. Another pair of lips. Luke's. We continued to kiss, until I parted.

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