My forever and always


2. Home, His Home.

Luke stayed for three hours until my shift was over, the other boys had already left. "Umm, so I-I uh I was wondering, if you needed an umm ride home?" Lukes words stopped my heart. I seemed to have gotten lost in his eyes because when I looked up I noticed him waving his hand in my face and saying my name. " oh yeah, that'd be great, if u don't mind". All though I didn't wanna go home Bc of my parents whom I hated so much. " uh luke, do u umm live alone?" I said nervously. "Yeah, why?" He said biting his lip piercing showing his teeth. "Well see, I umm, my parents abuse me horribly, and I umm need a place to stay, if u don't want to, I understand,I just need a place to stay, for tonight at least" I said extremely nervously choking at every word ."I'd love to have you stay at my place" luke said with a smile. After I'd finished and got my things we left. In about ten minutes we were at Luke's.

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