1. the beginning of the end




It's been such a long day, right now I'm am at my favorite hotspot The Lounge  it's the most amazing pLace iN  the world the theme ins maroon red and gold. The rain has been going all day and to be honest I love it ,I've always been that way. it's about 7:00a.m by the time I finished my bagel and iced coffee. While trying to hail a cab when this guy with curly brown hair, beautiful green eyes, cute heart shaped lips asked if I wanted a ride. "Excuse me do you need ed a ride."  "Ya. I do actually can you take me to I.C.E. corporations building in Manhattan." "Sure thing love." I noticed that he had a British accent, it was quite charming if I must. The cab ride w s s quiet a little bit to quiet. The driver who's name I still don't know turned on the air conditioner, then very thing want black.


How did you guys like it so far.

Comment below if you like or for some suggestions. And if all of you who are reading this and have read my other story sweet nothing. Sorry ): I will try to update Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Bye loves (;



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