A poems of the student who is trying to find away to express her opinions.


1. Dear Teachers,

So you say we can trust you,
So why do you lie,
So you tell us to be independent,
But tell us what to do,
You say you care,
But dismiss our believes,
Tell us were too loud,
Then wonder why we don’t discus,
So you say that you’ll help,
Then say come back another time,
Demand respect,
But shouldn’t you earn it,
Tell us to be individual,
Then stereotype who we are,


And you wonder why we learn,
To play ‘the game’,
Following your rules,
So we can ignore you,
Staying quite,
We avoid attention,
Struggle on by ourselves,
So we don’t have to communicate,
Learn to be lost,
So we are no longer confused


But hang on I do trust you,
You lie so we can understand,
You teach us too think,
While giving us a guiding hand,
You do care,
You just share your passionate opinions,
We need to listen to understand,
But always remember to have an opinion,
You want us to understand,
And you know that that takes time,
You demand respect,
And you know that you won’t get it for a while,
You want us to feel free,
But need to have a basis to guide us.


So you contradict yourself,
But with good reason,
At least that’s the humble opinion,
 of the quite girl at the back.

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