War is now Peace

Shanon Phillips is a regular 14 year old girl in the city of Peris, there is currently a war going on, on the outside but no one here focuses on that, at least not until they make it out alive...
They need solders, fit able solders who will help fight, so when you are 14 you are entered into the 'Peace Program' what happens is that they train you for 6 weeks, then when you have have 'passed' that stage, they test your skills. On survival, on strength, on killing but the most important one is emotions. So when Shanon is entered in, she doesn't know what to think. She knows she will die here, she isn't strong like the rest, but all she wants, is to die in a way no one will forget...


1. Turning of age

I'm in a room, trapped to a chair. All i can see is white and i can feel the cold air rush into me making me shiver,

"Hello?" I cry out but only comes out as a whisper. No reply. I can feel my heart banging agaisnt my chest and panic rushes through me as i try to sit up but then i feel a hand on my shoulder with a calming voice,

"Just relaxed, and let go." she repeats that twice and thats when i hear it the-the- the scream, I know it. Its familiar, too familiar. Then i realise who it is and i can feel my face crumble down into a million pieces as i stare into the wall which i realise now is not a wall, but a mirror. Showing me myself covered in blood from head to toe with mud and tears stuck to my face. Im dying and the worst part is, i want to...

I wake up crying into my white pillow with my nails digging into my thighs so hard i can smell the blood starting to drip from the semi circle marks. Letting out a gasp and another whimper i remove my hands and bring them to my side, using them to push me of my bed. Whipping my eyes i slump over to my bedroom door and pull it open making my blue eyes wide. There was no one there. Not a hint of life. I walk quite slowly to the edge of the wooden stairs and call down to the empty rooms. No answer. I start to panic again and run back into my bedroom slamming the door shut then running over the mirror that hang over my half broken desk. 1 word, Vampire. I looked like a Vampire; my face was as pale as ever and I had bloodshot eyes and my hair was a birds nest. How on earth can you think about this when you can't find anyone! My self conscious screamed at me but i couldn't help it! And i didn't really even look so they are probably just in the backgarden, i kept reminding my self that as i walked into the bathroom on the other side of the house and had the quickest, coldest shower in history. I climb into Black trousers and a plain grey top and tye my hair into a neat bun. This is what i have been doing the past 10 years of my life. I finally take on a little courage and slowly walk down the stairs trying to make as little noise as possible for 2 reasons;

1) There could be some killer downstairs

2) It's 6:35 in the morning and i wouldn't like to wake up anyone

I breathe a sigh of relief when i reach the bottom and no one came at me with a knife but that was quickly taken away when i saw the note sitting there on the bottom stair addressed to me. Do i pick it up? Curiosity got the best of me and i picked it up reading it twice and regretted my decision. I started to panic and tears fell down my face as i sank into the bottom two steps, my hands over my head as if i think they can make me forget about everything, but no. I was going to be part of the Piece Program, and i'm not going to make it out alive. At least I won't have to see Mrs Crumpleton again. She was my Socials teacher who hated the thought of being near children, no one knew why she got chosen as a teacher, but we are not meant to question the Invisible one. 

Pulling my self together i stood up and walked, well more like crawled, over to the kitchen and poured out some water, then pulled out the last remaining green apple and sat down at the old, manky, round table in the middle of the kitchen and started slowly numbling at it as a million questions ran threw my mind.

Where is my family? How are they going to take me to the Peace Program? When?

As they all ran threw my mind i looked at the barely working clock and shot up 

. 6:55 

School starts in 10 minuets and it takes me 10 minuets to walk. Great. Slowly i grabbed my dads leather jacket ,he left for me before heading out to the war on the outside, then started walking out of the my small 2 bed house and headed for school with 2 books i was gripping tightly. One was called 'Homework' the other was my dad's book he wrote, 'War is now Peace' i never read it completely but i plan pn finishing it soon well, before I can't anyway.

As I reached the main, half torn down gate of Coins Residential School, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Guards. Well not guards exactly, they were wearing all black leather and had a single knife hanging down from there belts, they walked in a straight line with eight people making your heart race as every hit the ground. I couldn't help but stare, they were so elegant yet looker so strong. Suddenly I snapped out of my daze once I realised they were walking towards me. For a lot of people it wouldn't bother them, they are meant to be your proctors for what's happening on the outside, but I was quite jumpy so having eight armed people walking over to me didn't help. Breathing out quickly i turned round as if nothing happens and walked quite quickly into the school ground hoping I imagined it. No. I heard gasps and whispers, I knew it wasn't for me since I was basically invisible, so I turned my head round an inch, just an inch, and found myself walk into a talk post. Stumbling back I held my nose as the blood poured down and as I my clumsy feet tripped over a small pebble and I feel back hitting the ground. No no no! Get up you idiot get up! It was to late though, the 'guards' had caught up with me and were now lifting me to my feet. This. Can't. Be. Happening. I knew what this was about, the Peace Program. I didn't want to go, I couldn't go! I didn't even say goodbye to my mother.

As the thought came raining down on me, the first tear burst past the barriers and came rushing down and then another, and another, and another,

" Please! I can't- can't- I can't go! Please, p-p-please.." I begged through a whimper as the were pushing me threw the younger pupils of the school. I had no answer only more violent pushes urging me to walk faster, it was like a nightmare. I couldn't breath,i looker round and saw a small, green pin being pulled out of my shoulder.i started to gasp and my eyesight started to blacken as the living world around me started to fade, I was welcomed with open arms, to the endless world of nightmares...

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