MagicLove (Anime)

A warm story about a young girl name Alice (Cover).
A quiet girl from a small town moves to a livel city.
She meets with a young boy with brilliant white hair who keeps running into her.
Before they could get comfortable with ne another, Alice finds out that Max( the boy) uses magic.
Those this make things better or worse?


2. Infront, yet behind the prince

The teacher of my first class escorted me into my first class.
"This is Alice Martin, the transfer we were talking of yesterday," He gestured at me with her feminine hands.
"And try to keep her up to date like you promised."
I had a greet view of the class from where i was standing.Only few students were paying attention to her.The rest were engaged with something else.That's when i noticed a boy with white hair reading a big brown book with hard cover.
"Is there anything you would like to say?" She tried to encourage me with a sweet smile.
I shook my heading hoping she wouldn't insist.
"Oh, okay, you may go to your seat." She grumbled then pointed out my seat for me.
I was supposed to sit in front of the boy with the white hair.I hesitated before i went for my seat.
i would have rather sat in the corner or behind him.I felt uncomfortable not knowing whether he was looking at me or he still hasn't noticed.
"Now!Where did we stop last time." She dropped a huge history book on her desk.

History class felt like forever.Miss Small read most of the time and asked questions relating to what she was explaining.whenever she asked Max, the boy sitting behind me (I learned his name after hearing her say it) I would take it as an excuse to look at him.
It was strange that he answered while his face was buried in the book he was still reading.I tried to read the title of the book but there was no title.
Miss small didn't mind him reading something else that has nothing to do with what she was teaching.I guessed he is always like this.
He wasn't easily distracted,
Unlike the audience.


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