Read and find out.


2. Jamie

It's Jamie. My 8 year old brothers voice echos through my head. I unlock the door using my powers. Other than reading minds, I can move things with my mind and I have a photographic memory.

Come in. I unlocked it. I say to him. If you didn't notice, we can use telekinesis. 

He walks in and sits on the edge of my bed. I motion for him to come closer. I pull him into my lap and he snuggles into my shoulder. I lock the door again and begin talking to him in my head.

I think I want to run away.

No! You can't run away! I would be all alone.

I would take you with me, Jamie.

Really? You would take me?

Of course. You're my favorite little brother.

I'm your only little brother.

I smile, Come on, let's pack up a bit.


I pack a backpack with a change of clothes, an extra pair of shoes, and left room for some food and water. I then go into Jamie's room.

Leave room for a little food and water, Jay-Jay.

I did.

Alright, Do you have any money in your bank? 

Jamie dumps out his piggy bank onto his be. There is a crumpled up twenty and tons of change. I run to my room and find my blue pocket book. Inside, I have money that I have been saving up from my job. About one hundred twenty five dollars. I put it in my pack and then put my cell phone in it as well. I grab the keys to my truck and put them next to my bag.

Hide your bag in your closet. We are leaving tonight. I tell Jamie.

I will, Where are we going to go? He asks me, his innocent voice makes me smile. I think of what Zack and Kriss promised me. 

A place where there are people like us. It will be great. I promise. 

       Later that night, I tip-toe into Jamie's room. 

Grab your bag. I whisper through his mind. He walks to his closet and takes his bag out. I sling my pack over my shoulder, truck keys in hand.

Are you sure you want to come? I ask him.

Yes, I want to leave now. He tells me.

We go down the stairs as quietly as possible, and open the door in the same manner. We walk to my truck and hop in. I start the engine and as I back out of the driveway I see the lights turn on in the house. As I turn onto the road I feel a pit of guilt form in my stomach for leaving my mother behind.







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