Read and find out.


3. I take the long way

I use my memory to figure out how to get to Aunty Ellie's Diner which is where I am supposed to meet up with Kriss and Zack. They told me how to get there, leaving a map of complicated twists, turns, and back roads that were to keep my parents from following me. Finally, I see the fluorescent sign for the restaurant. When I go inside a rush of muggy air hits my face and I can smell the greasy burgers and fries that I know are being cooked in the back. Zack and Kriss sit at a booth in the back corner. I take Jamie's hand and go back towards the table.

I didn't know you would be bringing company. Zack pushes the thought into my head so the rest of our group can't hear him. Jamie glances at me with frustration when he can't hear my thoughts.

He is my little brother. I couldn't just leave him behind, plus Kriss said it would be fine. Off to the side, Jamie stares at me because he can't quite figure out what's going on. Kriss glares at us because she isn't in on the conversation that she knows is going on.

"Nice to see you." I say to her, breaking off my intense stare at Zack. 

"You too. It's nice to finally meet you, Jamie." she says to him.

You too. He says in her head.

"Jamie, Can you please say something to Kriss?" I nudge him impatiently. 

"Nice to meet you too." Jamie mumbles, quietly.

"Ready to go?" Zack asks me.

"Yes. How did you guys get here? My truck is the only thing here." I say.

"Taxi. Where are your keys? I'll drive to the... destination." Zack replies.

"Oh, hell no!" I shake my head wildly.

"Rae, you don't know how to get there and Kriss sucks at driving." Zack looks at me, irritated. His sister looks extremely offended.

"I drive very well thank you!" Kriss exclaims.

"Sure, whatever. Keys. Rae. Now." He holds out his hand and I reluctantly place the keys in it. He encloses his hand around mine.

I thought you were more trusting of me. He pushes the thought into only my head. 

I smirk slightly and pull my hand away.

"Jamie and I will sit in the back!" Kriss announces loudly, breaking the moment.

"Okay." I say quietly.


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