Being His Little Sister

Brylee Hemmings was the good girl in the family until her brother, Luke, left. Now Brylee is the bad girl. She thinks she's going into her brother's role in the family. What happens when Luke finally comes home with the rest of the band? Who will fall in love? Who will fall apart? Who will stay? Who will give up altogether? Read to find out!


19. Emily's POV

When I woke up, I went into the shower. I got out in 4 minutes and started brushing my teeth and my hair. I worked on my makeup. I looked like this:

I went back out into Brylee's room and walked to her bed.

"Bry-Bry! Wake up!" She's not much of a morning person, but she will wake up if I wake her. She got up and went in the shower. I walked to her recording room and into the other room which is where she records YouTube videos. It's kind of like a secret room. I've only been in here once and it still amazes me. This is what her recording studio looks like:

This is where she uploads her videos and where she plays games for a video:

She also has a blue vintage couch in there and its so beautiful! This is the camera that we're using:

Brylee walked in wearing this:

"Okay let's go get the mail and then start the mail vlog!" There were a lot of boxes because we had to make 4 trips.

"Hello guys! It's Brylee here and today I'm with my best friend Emily!"

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