Being His Little Sister

Brylee Hemmings was the good girl in the family until her brother, Luke, left. Now Brylee is the bad girl. She thinks she's going into her brother's role in the family. What happens when Luke finally comes home with the rest of the band? Who will fall in love? Who will fall apart? Who will stay? Who will give up altogether? Read to find out!


18. Brylee's POV

I got into the closet and unlocked Luke's phone. I went to his contacts and found Ed Sheeran's number. I called him.




E~ "Hey Luke! What's up?"

B~ "First off I'm not Luke. I'm his sister, Brylee."

E~  "Why do you have his phone?"

B~ "He's in the bathroom. I can't believe I'm not freaking out!"

E~ "Why would you be freaking out?"

B~ "Because, next to Demi Lovato, you're my idol!"

E~ "Awe! That's sweet! Why'd you call?"

B~ "Because since it's Mikey's birthday today, do you wanna come to Shadowbrook with us?"

E~ "In California?"

B~ "Yup!"

E~ "You're lucky that I'm in Cali! Yeah I'll be there!"

B~ "Thank you Ed! Thank you!"

E~ "No problem! I'll get dressed real quick and meet you guys there!"

B~ "Bye Ed! See you soon!"

E~ "Bye Brylee!"


I got out of the closet and found Em looking at me.

"I called Ed Sheeran off of Luke's phone and told him to come to Shadowbrook."

"The Ed Sheeran?"

"The Ed Sheeran. I should put this back."

-2 minutes later-

Luke got out of the bathroom and we left.

-20 minutes later-

We got to the restaurant.

"What will it be?"

"Table for 7." The lady nodded and brought us to our table. I whispered in her ear.

"If you see Ed Sheeran, come get me." She nodded and left.

"Hmm, what looks good?"

"Calm down Mikey! We gotta order drinks first!" I looked over the way we came and saw the lady come over to me. She motioned for me to come with her.

"I'll be back guys." I got up and walked with her. I saw Ed Sheeran standing there.

"Oh my goodness! Are you actually here?"

"In the flesh." I walked up to him and gave him a hug.

"The guys are gonna be so surprised." We got to the table and I cleared my throat. The boys and Em got up and hugged Ed. I looked around me and saw someone I knew. I walked towards them and realized that it was Nick and Matthew from Lush.

"Oh. My. God. Hi!"

"Hello! What's your name?"

"This might sound crazy, but I'm Brylee Hemmings."

"You're Luke Hemmings sister?"

"Yup! Anyways I really love your videos. I honestly love your relationship. You guys are my favorite gay couple!"

"Awe! That's so sweet! What brings you here?"

"It's Mikey's birthday today."

"Awe tell him we said hi!"

"Okay! I'm so happy I met you, but I must get back to my table."


"Bye Nick and Matthew!" I got back to the table.

"Who were those guys?"

"Only the best gay couple ever!"

"Oh. My. God! Was it Lush?"


"Oh my god! Lucky!" The waiter came.

"Hello my name is Amber. What would you like to drink?"

"I'd like a Coke."

"Tea." (Luke)

"Coke." (Em)

"Tea." (Cal)

"Tea." (Mikey)

"Coke." (Ed)

The waiter nodded and left.

"Hi Brylee! So we're leaving, but can we get your number to keep in touch?"

"Yeah guys! Oh and this is my best friend Em. She also loves you guys!"

"Hi Em! Can we get your number too?" She nodded. They got our numbers and said goodbye.

"Here are your drinks! Are you ready to order?"

"Yes please! I'll have the Garlic Herb Roasted chicken." She nodded and nodded at Em.

"I'll have the Grilled Salmon." She nodded and nodded at Ashton.

"I'll have the Butcher's Steak. Cooked Medium." She nodded and nodded at Luke.

"I'll have the Chicken Fried Pork Chop." She nodded and nodded at Calum.

"I'll also have the Butcher's Steak. Cooked Medium." She nodded and nodded at Mikey.

"I'll have the Butcher's Steak too. Cooked Medium." She nodded and nodded Ed.

"I'll have the Chicken Fried Pork Chop." She nodded and left. Ash was next to me and Cal was next to him and Ed was next to him. Luke was next to Em and Mikey was next to Luke.

-30 minutes later-

Our food finally came.

-1 hour later-

After an hour eating, laughing, and talking. The bill finally came and I got it because I had money with me. $213.65 that I have to pay. I got out my debit card. The waiter came and took it. After 5 minutes, she came back. I signed it. I left a tip of $3.06.

"Guys I already left my tip of  $3.06, you need to do the same." They left their tips and we left.

"Bye Ed it was nice meeting you. And for the boys, it was nice seeing you again." All of us hugged him and headed home.

-20 minutes later-

We got home and changed.

"Guys let's save the Harry Potter movie for tomorrow. I'm tired. Goodnight."

I got upstairs and when my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep.


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